Sales force mobilization

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Food & Beverage


Support to sales force’s operations

Our customer wanted to replace the application in use on a rugged mobile device with a new consumer solution available on tablets, to manage the flows of the presale process supporting the operations of the commercial agents.


Geocall, for the efficient management of sales activities, even in mobility

The new Geocall-based application is integrated with our customer’s back-end systems, thus allowing to forward the clients data registries and the visits made to the mobile application on Android tablets and receive both the outcomes of the visits and the orders entered through the mobile device. Customer’s commercial agents use this application to carry out presale activities referring to the Horeca sector.

The solution allows the agents to manage their visits calendar and the client portfolio, consult the products catalog, the list of products on offer and the warehouse stock, check the database of issued documents, including paid invoices and pending payments and to enter orders directly when visiting the final client. In further detail, the application provides the following functions:

  • View, registry, editing and geolocation of clients;
  • Appointments agenda to receive/display visits;
  • Opening and closure of the accounting day;
  • Reporting and geolocation of the visit;
  • Catalog display;
  • Display of available products;
  • Reception of the list of products on offer;
  • View pricing and payment terms regarding clients;
  • Order entry;
  • Management of the invoices paid and of pending payments;
  • Issuance of new documents upon payment of pending invoices, only;
  • Management of a “Team Leader” profile to view in the Clients Database all the clients associated to a given operations center, to select an agent and display the related clients portfolio.


Efficient, mobile management of activities

Technological modernization, by replacing rugged devices with consumer tablets

Switchover from an offline solution to an application which allows the real-time alignment of the orders entered from the mobile device with the Legacy systems, thus contributing to the efficient planning of the warehouse handling procedures

Near real-time view of the warehouse stock from the tablet, thus displaying the products which are about to be used up for more effective sales management

Management of a catalog listing over 500 product codes while on the go