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Utilities Need to Accelerate Energy Transition to Modernise Field Service Management

We all know the energy and utilities sectors are critical for daily life, and the management of these sectors is extremely complex. Change is the keyword. The geopolitical and social scenario has changed, and competition is changing, with higher prices and diversification required.
Customer demand, expectations, and attitudes are changing: new loads, higher customer churn, new services, demand for sustainability, and new customer behaviours. Climate is also changing. Almost 70% of the global economy has committed to the 2050 target of net-zero emissions. The keywords are decarbonisation, cleaner water, reliable and affordable energy, and services.
FSM is a software solution to coordinate field service operations. The software includes preparing work orders and sending technicians, monitoring hours and jobs, and invoicing the completed jobs. Nevertheless, field support management is crucial and should encompass all aspects of the delivery of services. Effective human resource management and processes will improve field service effectiveness, which is essential for all organisations that provide customer assistance.


This is energy transition. Utilities are at the heart of this revolution.

Water, gas, and electricity assets and networks are mission-critical, and we cannot afford to have hospitals or airports without energy. This is when field service management solutions get down to business. Predictive maintenance, workforce optimisation, mobility, customer service, remote assistance, and knowledge sharing can help specific needs.

Digital transformation can accelerate this transition. It can be accomplished by enabling technological innovation and digitisation on different levels:

  • Through end customers, providing them with new products and services also fosters the green transition
  • Through the workforce, with data and digital tools, allowing them to serve customers, enable innovation, and create sustainable organisations
  • Enterprise systems can help utilities maintain reliability, safety, and 100% service continuity on their existing network and assets
Top electric, gas, and water utilities around the globe use OverIT’s solution for mobile workforce management and field service optimisation

Much more than activity scheduling, route optimisation, and resource mobilisation is needed in energy and utilities field service management. The energy sector and the utility companies need to act reactively and proactively in response to different issues and emergencies to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction, adopting innovative tools.

The ongoing work orders in the energy and utility sector, such as installation, maintenance, and replacement of infrastructure parts, plus getting the numerous geographical location of field personnel, technicians, and customers in real time, create a work environment that is very difficult to operate.

Utility industries are accelerating their digital transformation by adopting innovative technology like field service management software. It enables remote management and execution of field operations, collaboration among field and back-end technicians, and knowledge transfer among contractors, field engineers, and other field personnel.

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Digital Transformation in Field Service Operations

In addition to using FSM solutions, the electric and water industry should consider digital transformation to boost productivity and mobility improvement of technicians and other field staff in field service operations.
The energy and utilities sector with field operations constantly encounters problems and challenges around service management, such as the field deployment process and empowering employees and contractors to increase performance.  Workflows are done manually, and confusing systems will delay project visibility and stakeholder management, possibly creating scheduling mistakes. However, by using OverIT, organisations can fix this issue and provide systems that work.

Many companies use field services software for task and performance management, effective planning and resource management, and managing numerous projects in different locations on a single platform. Managers can use field applications through mobile devices to effectively and efficiently manage resources, reduce costs and turnaround times, and get insights into the life cycle of field service management.
Enhance collaboration and communicate digitally even when offline while in the field. Field technicians can immediately capture signatures or approvals on site. Technicians can increase power by using the FSM mobile app to access the platform while in offline mode so they can still work and complete assigned duties. Keep the connection with the customer throughout the cycle of field services by utilising a customer portal to track and communicate concerning the ongoing job. Technicians and field service managers can send job status updates and report to the back office managers in real-time.

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Field Service Management Software for Utilities Industry

Manage your field workers, get real-time information and create data analytics to track, calculate and analyse field operation processes fast and efficiently. Plan your work using advanced schedule optimisation and elevate your field service to clients’ corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance powered by Machine Learning.
Boost productivity and simplify work order management using OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform. Get the right technician and crew to the right job—and enable them to execute efficiently. Use system-recommended resources based on skills, credentials, location, and availability.
Improve your business’ strategic advantage using advanced technology and flexible and scalable OverIT FSM software. We support energy and water industry leaders to optimise profitability and guarantee regulatory compliance by simplifying and automating business operations to achieve the highest potential in a fast-paced market.

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform was designed to support different industries and field service organisations in their processes and workflow and manage the workforce in compliance with the government’s laws and regulations regarding working time, training, safety protocols, and others.
With the proper designation and inspection checklists, employees can access and use the resources and data collected, follow the schedule and steps provided and perform the job well in line with safety regulations, ensuring the satisfaction of customers.
OverIT supports the energy and utility industry through field service management solutions. It gives energy and utility companies complete visibility of the business processes, field activities, and real-time tracking of situations.
More than twenty years of experience in the field service and deep knowledge of the business processes result, through the Next-Gen FSM platform, in specific functions to efficiently organise field resources, optimise high-volume scheduling, manage service provision, track assets, and monitor equipment, plants and distribution lines throughout the territory.

Thousands of global technicians operating in the water, electricity, and gas transmission and distribution sectors use the OverIT Next-Gen FSM platform to extend their capabilities in the field

Customer services (e.g., new connections) and appointment optimisation

Meter management (installation, inspection and testing, readings)

Damage assessment, emergency and bad weather management, emergency response

On-field inspection and maintenance of linear assets and networks

Plant inspection and maintenance

Design and construction of new works

Leak detection in water and energy networks

Construction sites management

Management of works on vegetation

Operational organization of complex projects

Organisation of recovery, on-call and emergency response teams

The Positive Impact of Field Service on Sustainability

As we mentioned sustainability a few times, FSM software enables crews also to drive sustainable enterprises.
Think about the direct impact we can have in terms of:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions from travel and miles optimisation
  • Avoiding environmental disasters, leveraging an accurate water leak detection
  • Mobility fosters innovation throughout organisations, one of the most important of which is the United Nations SDGs, which helps move companies to 100% paperless operations.

Utilities need a strategy, and they need more capabilities. They need an ecosystem approach. But they also need software solutions for making all these things happen.
Only best-of-breed FSM software solutions offer all the above-listed features. OverIT helps utilities to get dramatic benefits in terms of productivity, cost saving, customer satisfaction, health & safety.
If you need excellent Field Service Management software, contact us at OverIT today and get a free demo.

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