Work Order creation and management

GAB – Environmental Sanitation Águas do Brasil Group is the Brazilian leader in the water supply and treatment services, as well as in the wastewater collection.
Grupo Águas do Brasil contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life as well as of hygiene and health conditions for over 6.5 million people in Brazil.

Energy & Utility


Standardize and centralize the execution and monitoring of activities

The client needed a Field Service Management product aiming at reshaping and enhancing any management process for the management of commercial services, previously handled manually. Moreover, it allows field operators to connect and communicate with customers and all GAB offices in an even faster, safer and clearer way, thanks to the process digitalization, also on field, with a view to a closer performance monitoring.


OverIT Solution, the leading Field Service Management product for the Energy & Utility industry

The GAB Group chose to use OverIT Solution, integrated with the ERP system, in 11 subsidiaries located in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Amazonas, serving over 6.5 million citizens. OverIT Solution allows higher standardization and centralization in the execution and monitoring of activities such as: work order creation and management, as well as feedback and KPI generation, all within a single platform.

Furthermore, OverIT Solution allows GAB’s field operators to debrief work orders also while on field, through their mobile devices, thus ensuring a fully-digitalized process.


Digitalization of Field Service operations and performance enhancement

Greater speed and accuracy when identifying issues and slowdowns within the operating processes

Enhancements in the decision-making process

Enhancements in the production efficiency

Greater control on performances, thanks to the related indicators

Cost reduction

Improved working conditions

Greater employees’ engagement, thanks to innovation and digitalization of processes, also on mobile side