Virtual Reality-powered training on maintenance activities to be performed on electricity infrastructures

Enel is the largest Italian multinational utility company in the sector of electricity production and distribution, serving around 31 million clients nationwide and more than 65 million in 31 countries worldwide.

Energy & Utility
EMEA (Italy, Spain, Romania) and LATAM (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia)
Technicians involved


Training new employees before performing risky maintenance operations complying with high safety and efficiency standards

Managing a 2.2 million km-long distribution network and supplying 30 million people throughout the world, Enel is a true strategic player in the electricity sector. Without any doubt, maintenance activities must be performed with dispatch, regardless of working and weather conditions, as electricity affects the daily life of all of us, as individuals and companies. Before becoming qualified personnel, new employees need to take part in adequate learning sessions to easily acquire relevant skills and quickly and efficiently operate in an ever-changing environment consisting of advanced infrastructures and grid systems. But how to train users without requiring them to go to the field, with the purpose of preventing security-related accidents due to lack of experience or absence of awareness of existing and potential risks?


Virtual Reality to remotely train users on risky maintenance operations and observe safety standards

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform provides Enel with a new way to successfully train new employees, keeping a constant eye on safety, productivity, and efficiency standards. One of the most advanced technologies currently available, the Virtual Reality, helps users get familiar with infrastructures and power lines through interactive and hands-on sessions, which can be organized from remote, therefore without exposing beginners to major risks which may occur in the field if the adequate experience lacks.
•     Workflow configuration
Intuitive setup of multiple virtual environments, workflows, and resolution procedures on the backend side and accessible to users to reproduce various situational experiences, such as different weather conditions
•     Virtual Reality scenarios
Immersive visor and gesture-based commands to engage users in a realistic and immersive 3D environment and gain thorough understanding of equipment and procedures
•     Performance analytics
Clear display and setup of accurate analytics tools to track users’ performance during training sessions


Enel reached remarkable results in training new users from remote:

Improved compliance with safety standards

Increased assistance to operators when performing maintenance on specific machinery via lock-out/tag-out procedures

Enhanced user training on the correct performance of maintenance task under intense conditions

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

Generating clean energy from renewables is just the first step for Enel, as its business strategy embraces sustainability throughout every project phase. By adopting actions and best practices to tackle climate change, it encourages the transition towards decarbonization, minimizing the environmental impact while maximizing performance, and brings economic and social benefits to local areas by promoting circular economy. In this way, the energy produced is affordable, sustainable, clean, and accessible to all communities around the world. By relying on cutting-edge solutions, OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform allows Enel to minimize the environmental impact of activities, optimize the operational efficiency of plants, and ensure a responsible use of resources.

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