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NextGen Geo is live.

Modernize your end-to-end linear asset lifecycle!

We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new GIS product!
The NextGen Geo was born with a specific purpose: to propel linear asset industries into the future, empowering customers with unparalleled geospatial capabilities for their mission-critical operations.

One Platform. Three products. Your end-to-end FSM digital journey.

Our technology solution empowers Utilities, Oil and Gas, Telcos, and Transportation to optimize mission-critical operations on linear assets. With one single platform and three products, we support our customers at every step of the Field Service Management (FSM) process, from planning to execution and beyond.

Our ability to innovate is driven by our 20+ years of FSM expertise in complex, enterprise-level challenges and our experience driving efficiency into field service organizations globally. We invest in IoT, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and AI technologies to lead companies to the future of FSM.

Empower your mission-critical operations.
Dive into our product portfolio offering powerful FSM, Field Collaboration, and GIS capabilities.

NextGen FSM

Leverage a wide range of FSM features and seamless integrations

Our FSM solution is a comprehensive product for all your Field Service Management needs. With advanced features and seamless integration with CRM, ERP, Asset Management, GIS, and IoT, the product offers core modules for customer service, asset maintenance, scheduling, dispatch, and mobile empowerment.

65% streamlining of work order management through mobile devices
Edenor Field Service Management
25% improvement of first-time-fix rates
20% increase of resource performance and process efficiency by using mobile devices

NextGen Field Collaboration

Powering field service teams with knowledge to get it right the first time

To address the talent shortage concern predicting that 50-40% of the workforce in utilities and telcos will retire in the next decade, we have built technology solutions that help upskilling your workforce.

  • Ensure safety and enable voice debriefing with hands-free devices
  • Elevate technicians’ activity with 3D GIS in Augmented Reality
  • Facilitate access to expert assistance from anywhere
  • Accelerate knowledge transfer and training
Enel Virtual Quality Checks
52% productivity increase by remotely supervising quality checks
50% reduction in training effort
Desktop OverIT NextGen Geo high

NextGen Geo

Modernize your end-to-end linear asset lifecycle

Discover the game-changing solution for linear asset industries, empowering customers to quickly implement a variety of geospatial capabilities for mission-critical operations.
From planning, to curating the quality of the network data, to quick decision-making during critical events, our platform facilitates every stage of your operations.

Leading digital partner for mission-critical operations on linear assets

100% Successful Implementations

We proudly maintain a 0% customer churn since 2019 with 4.9/5.0 Gartner rating

Enterprise Scale Deployments

Our largest utility customer deployment has over 20,000 users

21 Years of Industry Experience

We have consistently built the best FSM software solutions for utilities, telcos, transportation, and oil & gas companies

100% Reliable Coverage

We meet and exceed common utilities functional requirements without the need for 3rd party applications

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What our customers have to say
The tangible benefits we are achieving are the result of some very exceptional teamwork. And once again, it’s the people who make the difference, and your teams have demonstrated competence and resilience at every turn.
Gabriella Vacca
CTO Sky Italia and Group Director of Enterprise Technology Sky Europe
The OverIT solution provides dramatic benefits and has a direct impact on fostering innovation and reducing carbon emissions.

Daniel Brendel
Team Leader Service & Maintenance at EnBW
The adoption of OverIT’s technological innovations allows us to preserve and protect a vital asset for all of us: water. In this perspective, we strongly emphasize sustainability, environmental, social, economic/financial, and governance.

Michele Tessera
CIO at CAP Group
OverIT and Bludigit converge towards a common goal: optimizing the efficiency of field processes, even in the most complex contexts such as construction sites.

Marco Barra Caracciolo
CEO and Chairman at Bludigit
The OverIT technology offered us an immersive remote collaboration tool, delivering an intuitive and efficient way to assign work orders, collect data, and support customers faster and safer than before.

Luca Berrone
General Manager at SACMI USA Group
We digitized the entire train inspection process. Our supervisors now work faster, more accurately, and safely enabled by hands-free operation and real-time remote support.

Alessandro Borzacchi
Project Manager, Rail Cargo Group
OverIT was selected due to its robust SaaS platform, superior expertise, and knowledge in the field, and mostly their many industry references for Utilities and specifically for electricity distribution worldwide. 

Luis Lenkiewicz
Chief Innovation Officer, Edenor