Streamlining complex Telco activities for external technicians 

Sky Italia is a media & entertainment company founded in 2003. It is part of the Sky Group, one of the leading entertainment groups in Europe, which is controlled by Comcast Corporation, an international media & technology company.

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Think about how many times you could not wait for the evening to come to relax on the sofa in front of the TV, watching your favorite sports game or maybe your favorite TV series. Do you know who is one of the companies offering such a service?
That’s Sky Italia, the media and technology company offering all the best entertainment, sports, news, arts and award-winning original content through its innovative products.


Managing field activities executed by technicians and contractors timely 

In an era of unprecedented hyperconnectivity, where instant access is not just a luxury but an expectation, Sky faces a significant challenge: ensuring seamless management installations, upgrades, maintenance, replacements, and relocations. This mandate demands precision, timeliness, and accuracy to uphold customer satisfaction, resolve issues on the first attempt, and minimize disruptions. However, the task is far from effortless, especially considering Sky’s staggering volume of over 600,000 work orders annually. Moreover, these orders are assigned to a crucial network of 300 external contractors. Complicating matters further is the reliance on multiple applications, which hampers the efficiency of the entire process.


Single pane-of-glass solution for the end-to-end FSM process 

OverIT proved to be the ideal solution for Sky to speed up the management of all field activities for residential customers, bars, and hotels.

  • Service order generation for on-site maintenance, repair, and installation 
    Generation and opening of service orders and end-to-end management of maintenance, repair, and installation activities at the client’s premises.
  • Swift notification of work orders to the installer  
    Real-time triggering of notifications for new installations and upgrades to be carried out on the technician’s device, ensuring timely execution.
  • Third-party integration for inventory management
    Seamless integration with SAP for replenishing installers’ warehouse with both serialized and non-serialized materials.
  • Quality control management
    Scheduling of random work orders processed by external installers and their subsequent assignment to a specialized team responsible for meticulously verifying their correct implementation at the client’s premises.


The adoption of OverIT’s FSM solution resulted in remarkable improvements:

Expedited work order management through mobile devices by 65% 

Reduced installation and upgrade order processing time

Halved incidence of reported issues

Increased margins year over year

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Gabriella Vacca
CTO Sky Italia and Group Director of Enterprise Technology Sky Europe 
“It is an honor for us to collaborate with OverIT for the Sky Expert service dedicated to broadband customers. Thanks to their platform, we effectively support all field-operation activities. Every day, more than 1,700 Field Engineers and 500+ employees in Sky services and stores use OverIT’s solution, managing over 2,000 work orders. These include installations, upgrades, replacements, returns, and relocations. The tangible benefits we are achieving are the result of some very exceptional teamwork. And once again, it’s the people who make the difference, and your teams have demonstrated competence and resilience at every turn.” 

By helping people realize their potential providing access to the Internet and new job opportunities as well as reducing carbon emissions, Sky plays its part in making a positive impact on the world. The introduction of a highly innovative solution such as the OverIT FSM Platform is a step in the direction of promoting technology, paperless operations, and reaching excellence with both the field staff and the end user in mind.

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