Delivering Field Service Solutions to the most demanding industries

OverIT’s field service management solution being used by organizations all over the globe, and across every service-focused vertical, meeting the most sophisticated service demands.

Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industry and Service, Telecommunications, Transportation and Infrastructure, are industries where optimized Field Service management, mobile workforce enablement and Customer Service quality are key to digital transformation, as well as to maintain and increase competitive advantage.


International consulting firms recognize us as FSM leaders for our ability to maximize customer service and support Utility workforce in asset activities, drawing on our more than twenty years’ experience in the sector and a deep knowledge of the processes. Our product provides dedicated features to efficiently organize field resources, optimize high-volume scheduling, manage service provision, track assets and monitor equipment, plants and distribution lines throughout the territory. The Next-Gen FSM platform presents a series of preconfigured verticalization specific to Utilities. Companies operating in the Energy & Utilities rely on OverIT to make more efficient business decisions and manage increasingly demanding regulatory forces.

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Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Oil & Gas companies face a broad range of complex and diverse needs. They attempt to leverage their people, equipment, and crews for a wide range of field, asset, and plant activities. Work is a combination of planned projects and recurring and emergent activities. Companies in the Oil and Gas industry are constantly looking for innovation, safety, and productivity of personnel in the field. OverIT supports the main global operators in the Oil & Gas industry with cutting-edge technologies and deep expertise of FSM processes.

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Increasing requests have been registered from cable and fiber network operators, telecommunications companies and Internet service providers, regarding products and strategies aimed at optimizing their critical business processes and meet customer expectations. We drive the digital transformation of companies in this sector: thanks to our support, they are able to take process efficiency and customer service to unprecedented levels.

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Maintaining networks and assets as well as implementing new projects are imperative to ensure the highest performances and an excellent customer service. We support companies when it comes to optimize the management of preventive and corrective maintenance, improving safety conditions and efficiency of teams and allowing easy collection of information about linear assets (railways, highways) and fixed assets (stations, bridges, viaducts, road signs), as well as rolling stock (passenger and freight trains).

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Modern inspection software has enabled organizations to improve documentation compliance and improve the management of infrastructure assets. Certified Inspectors from bridge inspection companies have begun to leverage the benefits of technology to improve the way they conduct inspections. With the aid of a bridge inspection software, they have been able to transform their inspection program and eliminate the pains of doing pen-and-paper inspections.

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All industries
Industrial Manufacturing

An increasing number of companies faces the challenge to remotely manage inspections, maintenance, repairs and training. In this scenario, we are able to provide the best support in all phases in which the organization and execution of inspection and maintenance activities on machinery in plants and production facilities are essential. Discover how our solutions help optimize scheduling automatically, eliminating premature maintenance and productivity loss. Learn how to extend the capabilities of frontline workers with advanced collaboration features powered by AR and AI. As a result, our customers can ensure high standards of product quality control, optimize after-sales and maximize customer service.


In a fast-moving world, Insurance companies need to keep up or risk being left behind. Adjusters and field staff must react quickly by providing the right forms and claims to ensure customer retention. Positive customer experiences are outcomes that can be achieved with industry-best performance driven by Field Service Management solutions such as The Next-Gen FSM Platform. Streamline field service operations from the first loss notification to the claim is closed. Schedule and dispatch field surveyors and inspectors, enable Augmented Reality remote visual assistance, and improve your customer experience.


Healthcare is a high stakes industry that needs fast action to help patients. Field Service Management software solutions, such as the Next-Gen FSM Platform ,help improve appointment compliance, provide real-time ETA status, and guarantee expected service to the in-home healthcare providers. OverIT improves appointment compliance by using AI-based schedule & route optimization to maximize productivity and efficiency of healthcare technicians, enabling them to provide faster response to the healthcare community by streamlining the process for ordering equipment and services, so that patients have access to the care they need. Moreover OverIT enables healthcare operators to seamlessly connect to patients thanks to virtual remote assistance features (powered by Augmented Reality).

Medical Device

The healthcare industry requires medical equipment to be available the moment it is needed. If equipment has issues or needs repairs, the shortest downtime is essential to the health and safety of patients. In order to reduce downtime in repairs, technicians need tools available that can accelerate the speed, while not sacrificing quality and accuracy. OverIT is an expert in maintenance support, particularly when it comes to medical devices. We provide automated, real-time field workforce management software with scheduling and optimization. Our product helps organizations streamline operations to deliver better maintenance of medical devices, reduce costs, and deliver complete visibility throughout the entire process.

OverIT is a leading Field Service Management solutions provider with over 20 years of expertise, solving complex field service in enterprise businesses globally. Over 300 clients are increasing daily efficiencies in linear asset management, with over 100,000s of field workers being dispatched daily, and leveraging field collaboration in their mission-critical operations.

Our cutting-edge technology and our ability to deliver at scale is backed by Bain Capital and NB Renaissance. OverIT is recognized by premier global advisory and consulting organizations as a leading FSM and Field Collaboration vendor.