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Organize field technicians routes, optimize daily tasks, and schedule emergency requests in Telecommunications

Telcos are evolving and struggling with pain points changing fast and becoming more critical. Keep in mind that the telco industry is the one with the highest customer churn.

  • Customer expectations are on-demand and higher than ever before, as speed, reliability, coverage, and quality of service are required. Telcos need infrastructure to deliver this experience, but also products fitting with customer needs, configurable and flexible, in order to enhance customer experience and engagement.
  • Internet of everything: It means that assets and services must be “ALWAYS ON.” Telcos need to adopt field service management systems integrated into telco assets, able to effectively manage mission-critical operations, collect any fault and route it to the most suitable technician or crew in order to ensure 100% uptime.
  • Innovation and data security: Managing mission-critical operations with disruptive technologies will be a huge differentiator. Telco must adopt reliable applications to handle all aspects of the business, comply with privacy laws, and secure customer data (think about GDPR in Europe)

And last but not least, customised experience: IT applications must be more and more tailored, providing the workforce with “all and only” data they need, just in time, at the right time.
Telecommunication CIOs cannot ignore digital transformation anymore for tackling these pain points, meeting these challenges, and finding new solutions to improve efficiency and service levels.
Telcos are running fast, driving expanded value propositions to customers and a solution-driven ecosystem, enabling 4 strategic dimensions:


Integration and seamless data flow are crucial and must be end-to-end, often through native integrations with market-leading products (such as GIS, CRM, and Physical Network Inventory).


We just said that products must enhance CX and engagement and be easily configurable according to customer needs through pre-configured templates.


Here, we have a considerable change. CIOs are asked not only to reduce costs (through process optimisation, managing vast volumes of jobs, reducing km or miles, and orchestrating processes in mobility). In a highly challenging market (keep in mind this is the one with the highest customer churn), CIOs are also asked to generate revenues through upselling/cross-selling activities performed directly in the mobility field. (For example, Field Service Management products can suggest to the technician the right product or service, according to the customer story and behavior, at the right time.)

Partner Experience

Telecommunication companies are increasingly outsourcing jobs to third-party contractors and partners. Now it’s time to adopt solutions to bring the partner experience to a new level. Engagement of partners, dispatching of work orders, flawless knowledge sharing between telco providers and contractors, data collection and monitoring, and payment expedition.

How exciting would it be to have a field service management application helping you solve these pain points and challenges? At OverIT, we make this possible. We want to help our customers keep our communities connected, always on and running.
OverIT is leading telco customers to the field service of the future as the best of choice transformational partner, enabling innovation but, most of all, optimising mission-critical operations in the telco industry. These organisations own and offer their services through assets that are bound to deteriorate, become obsolete, and eventually wear out.
And here starts the process of field service automation: organizing crews with highly skilled technicians, or engineers, with the mission of fixing faults, performing preventative or emergency maintenance, visiting customer homes, and orchestrating operations in mobility.

Telco Augmented Collaboration
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Solution for the Field Service optimization of Telco and Media companies

The OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has been expressly designed for optimising the Telecom Field Services according to the specific requirements and use cases of those companies working in the provision, sale, installation services, inspection, and repair of telecommunication assets.
Increasing requests have been registered from cable and fibre network operators, telecommunication companies, and Internet service providers regarding products and strategies aimed at optimising their key business processes to exceed customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction through Field Service Management.
Telco and Media Companies that hire mobile workers for field services should use the latest innovations in Field Service Management tools to boost business efficiency, improve productivity, reduce costs, and power up the workforce in field operations in different service locations.

Field Service Management Software

OverIT Next-Gen Field Service Management software drives the digital transformation of telecom companies in the telecom industry, taking process efficiency, customer service, and field service operations to unprecedented levels.
Using OverIT Next-Gen Field Service Management software for telecommunications is important to accelerate innovation, provide quality service, improve customer experience and reach customer success despite the increasing demand in service calls or service requests. It also has innovative functions like asset maintenance, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mobility, and field collaboration powered by Augmented Reality, which is essential for the telecommunications industry.

Provide your field workers with mobile tools that they can use to access the platform even if there’s no internet available using the offline mode to help them exceed customer expectations. OverIT Field Service Management software is a platform that supports field technicians completing their job from mobile devices while on-site to save time and reduce cost, rather than carrying the equipment and traveling back to the provider’s offices to be fixed.
The software also supports inventory management and asset management. Field Service managers can track spare parts, tools, and other types of equipment needed. It will help your team to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

Enhance field collaboration and communication while in the field. Field service workers can instantly get signatures or approvals on-site and access resources and information that could help them in decision-making. Technicians can use the Field Service Management mobile app and access the platform while in offline mode so they can still work and complete assigned duties.
Field service workers can also maintain the connection with the customer throughout the cycle of field services by utilising a customer portal to track and communicate regarding the ongoing job. Technicians and field service managers can easily and quickly send job status updates and reports to the back office in real-time.
In addition, field workers can get real-time direction from remote professionals, which can help them perform predictive maintenance and lower costly downtime.

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Work Order Management and Scheduling Optimisation

OverIT Field Service Management software can help you automate your work order management, time tracking, and scheduling optimisation. The software can also boost field service automation (FSA), reducing repetitive tasks of the field service workforce and improving accuracy in telecom operations.
Automatically predict the duration of the job with higher accuracy and reliability. Manage skills, parts, certification, and shifts to assign and dispatch job orders to the most skilled and available technicians.

Management of complex infrastructure projects concerning the creation of new networks and large investments in new technologies (e.g. optical fiber, 5G)

Optimization of the whole customer service cycle: appointment arrangement, compliance with SLA and maintenance contracts, subcontractor engagement, B2B and B2C customer satisfaction

Efficient and timely management of any critical assets, through remote inspections and interventions as well, with a direct impact on profitability

The OverIT Next-Gen system offers real-time visibility and tracks the job progress and job status updates of the assigned technician. If the previous work order is not completed on time, the system automatically assigns another technician for the next job order.

We are the only vendor in the telecommunications field service management market providing end-to-end coverage in use cases related to both the management of complex assets and equipment and the scheduling optimisation – powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – of significant volumes of highly-volatile activities.
OverIT Next-Gen FSM platform provides a wide range of functionalities to cover the entire process, from network design and development (relying on the deep integration with GIS systems) through the maintenance of linear assets in remote locations and the scheduling of appointments at the final user’s location for visits of field service technicians, installations or repairs.
Moreover, our product has been designed to add value to those companies working in the management of assurance & delivery and network creation processes, speeding them up to meet the client’s expectations thanks to the optimised asset management over the territory.

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The Positive Impact of Field Service on Sustainability

Field Service Management software solutions help companies achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Consider the direct impact we can make by:

  • Reducing the number of miles we drive by optimising our trips
  • And mobility, fostering innovation throughout an organisation, is one of the most significant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and this helps in making businesses move entirely paper free.

Telcos require a strategy; they must be able to perform multiple functions. They need to adopt an ecosystem approach. They also require good tools to help them manage their field service operations.

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Keeping the world connected. Together. OverIT, your trusted partner for enabling innovation and optimizing Telco mission-critical operations in field service.

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