Allocation of interventions on fiber network to contractors

Open Fiber installs, manages and maintains the fiber optic network in Italy, relying on the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology. Its aim is to build an extensive and efficient ultra-wideband network to connect the main Italian cities and industrial hubs.



Management and dispatching of interventions to external companies

In order to allow the Italian Government to ensure the installation, supply and functioning of broadband services to the population, Open Fiber is supported by several external companies depending on the geographic area, which use its own Field Service Management solutions to view the installation activities assigned centrally.


OverIT, the leading Field Service Management product for the TELCO industry

The solution, called “SmartHub” and based on OverIT Solution, allows to receive from the company systems, to which it is integrated, both the warnings of damages and anomalies and the customer’s requests of connection.

Moreover, it allows to create the corresponding Work Orders adding useful documents to perform interventions. Activities can be assigned in compliance with the contract availabilities of the external companies and SLAs, thus creating an intervention calendar. As soon as the appointment for the intervention assigned to the company is arranged, SmartHub communicates with the Field Service Management systems of the companies. In this way, information is transferred immediately and companies can organize their resources.

Thanks to the mobile application, the solution also gives the opportunity to debrief the work’s execution and perform diagnosis to verify the correct network’s working after having repaired it, thus aligning the master systems involved.


Efficient management of contractors

Highly configurable booking “rule” engine

Optimized assignment of activities to the companies

Enhanced general procedure to schedule appointments

Advanced user experience thanks to the HTML5 technology to reduce the time to learn how to use the tool

Improved resources’ performances