Raising ethical standards and fostering a culture of transparency and integrity

The Governance model of OverIT ensures compliance with regulations and fair practices, prioritizing customer satisfaction. In this respect, we have drawn up a set of rules, adopted the Organization, Management, and Control Framework, as well as the Code of Ethics, and implemented policies and procedures, which guide the operation and direction of our company.

231/01 Organization, Management, and Control Framework
OverIT has launched a project for the adoption of its “OMC Framework”, as pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 8 June 231/2001 and international principles. The OMC Framework defines procedures and policies that regulate the corporate structure and management of sensitive processes within an Integrated Management System.
Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics serves as a set of ethical principles, values, and rules of conduct that all employees and collaborators are required to observe.
Anticorruption and Conflict of Interest Policy

Policy describing the tools designed and implemented by OverIT to counteract corruption and prevent conflicts of interest.

Social Accountability and Equal Opportunity Policy

Policy for the protection of human rights and equality of access to employment and career opportunities.

Policy ensuring the compliance with high-quality standards and commitment to reducing environmental impact.


The policy declares OverIT’s commitment to supporting those in need.



Whistleblowing is a valuable tool for promoting corporate compliance, allowing employees or third parties of public or private organizations to report any wrongdoings, illegal or fraudulent conduct which they may have become aware of during their work duties.
OverIT has implemented its own secure digital channels, which operative instructions may be found in the:

Send a report

OverIT’s Whistleblowing channel to report any violation or suspected violation of the OMC Framework.

External reporting channel made available by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) which you can access if:

  • you have not received a response to the report done;
  • you have reasonable grounds to believe that your internal report will not be followed-up or there is a risk of retaliation;
  • you have reasonable grounds to believe that the illicit may constitute an imminent or manifest danger to the public interest.
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