Field Service Management in Oil and Gas

We are globally recognized for our offering and process expertise in the Oil and Gas industry

For over 20 years, the Oil and Gas industry leaders have chosen us as the ideal partner to support the transformation and optimization of Oil and Gas Field Service Management in upstream, midstream, and downstream processes and to improve operational efficiency. To this aim, through the Next-Gen FSM Platform, we provide specific features built to support the organization and execution of field activities.

Due to increasing competition in the Oil and Gas industry, more companies were forced to find effective solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency in business operations, boost project management, and deliver excellent customer service experience to improve customer satisfaction.

The Oil and Gas industry helps to keep the world running and, as such, requires digital tools to make sure that workers are safe and efficient when providing maintenance on all associated equipment. Oil and Gas equipment and sites are often found in remote locations making inspections, maintenance, and support challenging for lone and or new technicians who are responsible. To better support technicians, digital tools can provide real-time, hands-free information in the form of digital work instructions, virtual training, and remote collaboration.

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Main processes managed in the Oil and Gas Industry


The classic Exploration and Production (E and P) sector consisting in crude oil and natural gas exploration and production activities, both offshore and onshore.


Oil and gas storage and transportation involve the assets of fields, infrastructure, processing and compression facilities, pipelines, and transportation vehicles. Effective and safe preventive and corrective maintenance ensures the proper connection between the upstream and downstream processes in the product lifecycle.


Sector dedicated to the refining and purification of oil and gas and subsequent distribution to end customers through specific networks. At this stage, consumers are reached by several products, such as gasoline, kerosene, jet, diesel and heating fuel, fuel oils, lubricants, waxes, asphalt, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as hundreds of petrochemical products.

Transforming FSM in Oil & Gas

Challenges faced by Oil and Gas companies

Worker Safety

In order to smoothly run their operations, companies in the Oil and Gas industry must perform maintenance and inspection activities on huge, complex, and expensive assets daily. Field technicians performing maintenance work on this kind of infrastructure often encounter potentially hazardous situations that require immediate action and full information regarding the asset that is subject to intervention. Even ordinary maintenance activities may turn out trickier than expected if the necessary information is missing or when the field worker lacks experience.

Lack of Knowledge

Furthermore, many field service industries, including Oil and Gas, are facing a retiring workforce. This shift to losing experienced people from the workforce will create a loss of collective knowledge, and a new generation of workers will be challenged with quickly gaining on-the-job experience. Organizations operating in Oil and Gas need ways to document the knowledge around equipment and machinery as well as find ways to connect newer workers to expert ones for daily work and training purposes.

Distance Barriers

Finally, Oil and Gas are often remote in the field jobs, where the elements and distance are a challenge. Workers may be alone and need more support. To gain another person’s insight, there is time, money, and travel needed for backup. To remedy this situation, technicians need a possibility that allows feedback in real-time remotely.


Field Service Management Solution for Oil and Gas

These Oil and Gas companies use field service software for task management and optimizing the mobile workforce, planning and resource management, and handling projects in different locations in one system and single platform.

Field Service Management Software helps field service companies to automate the scheduling and dispatching of the workforce to the site. It handles work order management, asset maintenance, and resource management.


Advantages of Using Field Service Management Software

The Oil and Gas field service software supports your field workers, suitable resource and asset management, and advances the level of field operations. In the Oil and Gas sector, no internet connection on-site is an ordinary scenario while doing a task. Field technicians can utilize the field service mobile app and access the system in offline mode so they can perform assigned tasks and send job status updates and report to the company’s back office managers in real-time.

The OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform was designed to support Oil and Gas companies and field service organizations in their business processes and managing the workforce according to laws and regulations such as working time, training, and others. With the proper assignment and inspection checklists, field workers can access resources and data collection, ensuring they follow the steps and the job is performed in line with safety regulations.

Oil and Gas Field Service Management software to help protect the global environment and support sustainability

The OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform enables Oil and Gas companies to drive sustainability. Consider the direct impact we can make by:
Reducing the number of miles we drive and optimizing our trips for fuel efficiency
To prevent environmental disasters, leverage an accurate oil and gas leakage detection system.
Or mobility, which fosters innovations within organizations, is one of the most important UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and this helps move companies to 100 percent paperless operations.
Oil and Gas need a strategy, and they need more capabilities. They need an ecosystem approach. But they also need software solutions for making all these things happen.
Only best-of-breed FSM solutions offer all these features. OverIT offers Oil and Gas companies significant benefits in terms of efficiency by reducing human error, savings, consumer satisfaction, and health and safety.
If you’re looking for an excellent field service management system, give us a call today, and we’ll provide you with a free demonstration.