Remote control of maintenance activities on oil platforms

Saipem is a global player in the Oil & Gas industry. The company, present in more than 70 countries, with 60 years of history and 35,000 employees, has unique skills in the management of complex projects, from the identification of needs to decommissioning, in extreme environments, remote areas and deep waters.
Specifically, Saipem operates in the following business: Onshore, Offshore, Drilling, Consulting and engineering services, Renewables, Infrastructure, Decommissioning, Maintenance modification and operations.

Oil & Gas


Augmented Reality solution capable of remotely assist technicians and view in real-time data and information, connecting with very low bandwidth limits

Saipem’s need was to have an Augmented Reality solution, to be used in its main business divisions (offshore, onshore and drilling), capable of:

  • Remotely assist technicians, regardless of their geographical location, during the execution of maintenance and inspection activities on drilling machinery.
  • View in real-time data and information coming from the machinery integrated with IoT systems, to have an immediate and preventive control of any problems.
  • Consume little connectivity and connect with very low bandwidth limits, due to the poor reactivity of the network of remote places from which technicians carry out maintenance and inspection activities on drilling machinery.


OverIT’s solution allows techncians to collaborate even in areas with poor connectivity, offering a better low-bandwidth mode, compared to the competition

After a POC that began in October, during which the OverIT product is used and compared with that of its competitor SightCall, Saipem has chosen the OverIT solution Augmented Collaboration, as it is able to offer a better low-bandwidth mode, compared to the competition, for collaboration in areas with poor connectivity. the OverIT solution, in fact, automatically identifies the quality of the available connection, constantly optimizing the number of frames / second and the resolution of the audio and video streaming in real time.

the OverIT solution, today, is the software used for all Saipem corporate activities and for the onshore, offshore and drilling business divisions, in various countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, France, Kuwait, Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, and allows to:

  • digitize maintenance activities on oil platforms, by providing remote collaboration features and Augmented Reality guided procedures capable, respectively, of:
  • remotely assist operators located in remote places and in charge of carrying out maintenance and inspection activities on drilling machinery, through a remote collaboration session with expert technicians from the operations center, using Augmented Reality features.
  • Guide technicians step-by-step for a correct execution of the activities, through digital work instructions in Augmented Reality, even offline.
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence features to capture, improve and distribute knowledge within the organization.
  • Train resources, wherever they are, guaranteeing them remote interaction and sharing of know-how.
  • Identify and collect IoT data, coming from assets and machinery, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Better collaboration between field operators and expert technicians, training resources in real-time and distributing the knowledge within the organization

Reduction of travel and training costs

Quick and effective sharing of know-how

Support to field technicians, in real-time, thanks to the creation of step-by-step digital work instructions in Augmented Reality and to remote collaboration features

Reduction of errors on the first attempt

Better collaboration between field operators and expert technicians

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

SDG 4 education    SDG 9 innovation    SDG 12 responsibility        SDG 17 partnership