Planning and mobilization of Field Service activities

Camuzzi Gas Pampeana S.A. and Camuzzi Gas del Sur S.A. form the largest supplier of natural gas in Argentina, covering around 45% of the country, i.e. a 3,100 km wide area. The companies serve 2.5 million clients and manage 10,000 km of gas pipelines as well as a 50.000 km long gas supply network.

Oil & Gas


Management of the Commercial Cycle and on-field emergencies

As to manage the field operations regarding the Commercial Cycle, the Emergencies and the Complaints received from clients, Camuzzi required a solution to optimize the planning of activities, mobilize field resources and enhance the corporate image to make a positive impact on final clients.


Geocall, the leading Field Service Management product for the Oil & Gas industry

The Geocall product was customized and integrated with the company Legacy systems already used in the management of commercial processes.

Geocall consists of a server component and of a mobile component running on Android devices.

The solution allows to manage the commercial processes on field (installation of meters, services on previously installed meters, management of overdue payments) relying on logics to both maximize the number of performed activities and reduce teams, time required and distance covered.

The solution also covers Emergencies management, supporting Urgent Intervention activities to reach a given location in the shortest time possible and provide continued real-time information sharing with the control center.

The system manages around 250.000 Work Orders per year and is employed by 300 crews of technicians.

Furthermore, Geocall provides an innovative functionality to manage the digital signature on the intervention reports, in compliance with the Argentinian legislation. The intervention report is generated upon closing the Work Order and includes a certified pdf file providing all data collected on field, such as the certified signature of the technician.

Thanks to the integration with the application, which has been developed by the certification body and relies on NFC technology to communicate, the digital signature functionality allows to certify the pdf document, assign it to the Work Order and synchronize the data with the server component.


Flexibility and optimization of Field Service operations, while complying with the most stringent regulations

Compliance with the Argentinian legislation which requires a certified digital signature

Offline use of the application in all those areas, which are not covered by the mobile network

Implementation of a flexible model to parameterize the application, to be customized and optimized according to the business requirements without impacting on the software

Manual scheduling of Work Orders, along with the possibility to use a high-performing engine to optimize activities, which can also be employed throughout the working day to reschedule teams’ agendas

Easy integration with the external Legacy systems, by using technologies such as Web Service, which comply with the Legacy needs