Transportation and Infrastructure

Best-in-class product for asset maintenance

Maintaining networks and assets as well as implementing new projects are imperative to ensure the highest performances and an excellent customer service. The process involves several players (e.g. contractors, passengers, highly qualified technicians), integrated IT systems (Field Service Management, EAM, diagnostics, GIS, ERP, IoT, timetable in real time) and critical entities (long traveling distances, timeliness, high security standards).

We support companies when it comes to optimize the management of preventive and corrective maintenance, while improving safety conditions and efficiency of teams and allowing easy collection of information about linear (rail networks, motorways) and fixed assets (railway stations, bridges, viaducts, road signs) as well as rolling stocks (passenger and freight trains).

Planning and scheduling of inspections and maintenance on networks and linear or fixed assets

Algorithm-based optimization of the returns of trains to the depot according to given parameters, such as presence of certifications, resources and special equipment

Network monitoring through advanced GIS tools

Route planning based on VRP and TSP algorithms

Scheduling of maintenance and cleaning activities on rolling stocks

Mobilization of technicians and large teams

Monitoring of health and safety conditions of the workforce

Inspection of trains through hands-free tools

Virtual collaboration

Advanced resolution procedures

Combination of technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

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Rail Cargo Carrier – Hands-free Inspections
The product supplied to Rail Cargo Carrier allows technicians to perform their activities in hands-free mode, ensuring the highest safety and production standards regardless of the working conditions, while supporting skill development and simplifying the process for managing and sharing know-how.
Rail Cargo hands-free inspections
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Alessandro Borzacchi
Project Manager, Rail Cargo Group

“The solution has enabled us to digitalize the entire process to inspect trains, from the field operations, through the analysis of the data collected to the final reporting phase. Since the product is hands-free and allows a real-time support from remote, our supervisors can work faster, more accurately and in total safety, thus setting new heights in terms of efficiency for the entire sector”