Open Fiber

OverIT, the solution for the optimized development of new network routes

Open Fiber installs, manages and maintains the fiber optic network in Italy, relying on the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology. Its aim is to build an extensive and efficient ultra-wideband network to connect the main Italian cities and industrial hubs.



Preliminary feasibility studies for the optimized development of new network routes

In compliance with the company’s mission to enable new digital services and continuous innovation, Open Fiber aimed at creating a tool for performing preliminary feasibility studies to develop new network routes, according to optimization logics, as well as allowing the sales division to quickly and automatically estimate the cost of any potential new connections.


OverIT, the leading Field Service Management product for the TELCO industry

Thanks to OverIT’s expertise in the TELCO market and the advanced features provided by the OverIT Solution, our Field Service Management product, the customer has been equipped with a solution that provides the best routes to connect the addresses of interest, based on selected criteria (distance, realization cost or time). It relies on heterogeneous data integration (OPEN FIBER networks, infrastructures of external technicians, OLO infrastructures, road graph) and the use of proprietary routing algorithms. The OverIT Solution routing algorithm allows the quick and configurable identification of solutions optimized according to specific criteria. Relying on topological templates, the solution generates a hypergraph which connects the graphs of the different infrastructures, thus applying the routing logics and estimating the best wiring options.

Furthermore, the flexibility of the solution allows to perform different simulations, by configuring the parameters to use for each technology (underground or aerial) and/or infrastructure type (ex-novo, designed, executed), providing a wide range of alternatives.

Within this process, OverIT Solution is integrated with:

  • The Physical Network Inventory platform by Smallworld to retrieve network data for routing calculation;
  • The Salesforce CRM to receive the requests for quotations for new connections.


Route network optimization

Reduction of the response time to customers in the quotation phase

Massive processing for the calculation of the budget required for new areas to be wired

Advanced routing algorithms to create optimized new connections and optical fiber network routes

Possibility to choose the criteria for route optimization and aggregation of the processing to export

Reduction of costs and time required for the creation of new network connections

Integration with the Smallword and Salesforce platforms