Training on-the-job for maintenance on wind turbines

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, a company listed in the stock exchange with headquarters in Germany, is one of the largest energy utility companies in Germany and Europe.

It provides 5.5 million customers with daily services and products regarding electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, e-mobility, and energy from renewable and sustainable sources. Responding to energy transition, over two million customers and 180,000 renewable generation plants are now connected to EnBW grids.

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Responding to the energy transition: training technicians on maintenance activities on new complex assets and coping with the retirement of senior technicians

To enable energy transition, EnBW expanded its offering relying on a new business division, that of renewables.

This is why, EnBW needed to train employees in the execution of maintenance and inspection activities on complex operations on wind turbines. It was not an easy task considering that knowledge often belongs to the most experienced and senior technicians, only. And so how to deal with the current retirement of skilled employees? How to distribute knowledge at all corporate levels?


Video recording of field activities, guided digital work instructions, ML-driven knowledge management, and field collaboration capabilities

To boost efficiency of training activities and enhance the company’s collective tribal knowledge, EnBW chose the Next-Gen FSM Platform, allowing senior technicians to automatically create training workflows that are readily available to technicians who need dedicated training when performing field activities.

    • Video recording via RealWear
      Video recording of activities executed in the field by senior technicians, interacting with RealWear devices hands-free through voice commands
    • Machine Learning algorithms
      Indexing of videos and extraction of data, information, and dialogs leveraging ML algorithms to create step-by-step procedures for organizing training activities, even in offline mode
    • Virtual training repository
      Support of technicians through videos, documents, pictures, diagrams, and digital work instructions associated with service orders (SAP integration). Storing of material in a training repository, accessible via mobile device, anywhere and anytime
    • Field collaboration capabilities
      Connection of technicians in the field with experts from remote to receive real-time support and on-the-job training


By using the Next-Gen FSM Platform, EnBW reached:

50% reduction in training effort

45% improvement of first-time fix rate

40% increase of field productivity

Increased flexibility of training

Enhanced problem-solving skills

Simplified transfer of knowledge from senior to junior technicians

Strengthened safety standards

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Daniel Brendel
Team Leader Service & Maintenance at EnBW
“The OverIT solution provides dramatic benefits and has a direct impact on fostering innovation and reducing carbon emissions”

EnBW is aware of the growing importance of sustainability topics in the world and therefore monitors the environmental, social, and economic impact of its business activities, in an effort to continuously improve them. The objective is to pursue a business model that generates value for stakeholders across the board, combining operating performance with social and environmental sustainability objectives, while also promoting ethics and integrity and guaranteeing to focus on human resources and the wider community in general.

Through the Next-Gen FSM Platform, EnBW can put into practice sustainable consumption processes, while providing affordable and clean energy and investing in people, giving them the perfect setting to flourish through high-quality education and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, the remote collaboration allows to reduce travel costs, thus considerably decreasing CO2 emissions.
OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

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