Replacement of the former FSM system with the OverIT solution

Edenor is the largest electricity distribution company in Argentina, with 4,776 employees and its 34,500 km (21,500 mi) network. The company has an exclusive concession to distribute electricity in the northwestern section of Greater Buenos Aires and the north of Buenos Aires proper. On December 31st, 2020, Edenor had the highest number of customers in the country, which amounts to over three million, and their energy purchases represent 20% of the country’s overall energy demand in 2020.

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Replace the existing FSM system, in its full scope, with minimal disruption to Edenor’s operations and organization

Edenor faced an upcoming end of life for ClickSoftware, its Field Service Management software.

The main objective is to replace the existing FSM system (ClickSoftware), in its full scope, with minimal disruption to Edenor’s operations and organization. The company seeks to improve current functionalities and extend them based on the experience acquired using the system in place. Finally, Edenor intends to improve the system’s performance in terms of response times, stability and enhance customer satisfaction.

The new FSM product should manage the whole set of on-field jobs:

  • Maintenance, both preventive, based on a scheduled maintenance plan, and corrective, arising from identified anomalies or various requirements.
  • Technical complaints (urgent activities and emergencies), usually due to service interruptions or dangers on public roads requiring immediate attention, such as unexpected network interruptions detected by remote-controlled systems, unexpected network interference detected by the receipt of customer complaints, scheduled network outages, interruptions due to force majeure and dangers on public roads.
  • Commercial work orders, such as customer service, late payment, energy recovery, inspections for irregularities and meter-reading.
  • Quality checks, a type of special task that seeks to reflect quality controls performed on functions previously completed by crews of technicians.

Work Orders are acquired from different sources, and the FSM has to be integrated with the following systems:

  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), divided into two modules, Materials Management (MM) and Plant Management (PM).
  • Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), manages customer contacts, measurement, billing, collection, and market discipline functionality.
  • Prometium, for the operational management (distribution) of electrical networks.
  • SPLUNK, ESRI GIS platform.
  • Qlik, strategic Intelligence of Business and Reporting platform.
  • Exactian, supporting the maintenance and management of contract data.
  • Smart Time, for managing technicians’ calendars.
  • ArcGIS, ESRI GIS platform, used for cartographic reports.
  • MiM, Microsoft identity Manager.

In addition, to support the main process, Edenor is looking for a solution capable of managing:

  • technicians and crews of its own personnel,
  • technicians and members of external contractors,
  • skills of the workforce required for the execution of different work order types,
  • planned and unplanned materials and parts.


Edenor has selected the best-of-breed Field Service Management solution by OverIT

Edenor has selected the best-of-breed Field Service Management solution by OverIT to transition smoothly from their existing end-of-life on-premise platform, ClickSoftware, now part of Salesforce, thanks to:

  • Cloud-based deployment,
  • complex scheduling of high volumes and volatile activities,
  • appointment-centric and asset-centric use cases,
  • deepest GIS integration,
  • OverIT solution mobile APP, cross-platform, easily configurable and enabling workforce operations, even offline,
  • more than two decades of experience in the Field Service Management sector and the Utility Industry.

Edenor adopted OverIT solution, for managing, planning, scheduling, and optimizing work orders that are imported from external systems, such as SAP EAM, Oracle CC&B, Prometium OMS, Concert pre-certification portal.

Edenor - Field Service Management

OverIT solution Scheduling engine, relying on sophisticated algorithms, allows to manage the schedule and routing optimization. Its purpose is to optimize processes and task assignment to the most suitable technician, taking into account their availability and skills.

Once the work order is released and dispatched from the back-end to crew members on field, OverIT solution mobile is specifically designed to support frontline workers while performing commercial and technical jobs. The technician operates in mobility to:

  • visualize and manage the Agenda of the Work Orders,
  • follow corresponding instructions,
  • fill-in mobile forms,
  • report data, materials, parts, outcomes, …,
  • guided support for debriefing the activities is also available.

Furthermore, the application offers specific functionalities for optimizing the management of external contractors, from the definition of agreements up to the final accounting.

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Luis Lenkiewicz, Edenor CIO

“Edenor is in a clear transformation path to the Cloud; thus, the Field Service selection process needed to be extremely thorough. OverIT was selected due to its robust SaaS platform, superior expertise, and knowledge in the field, and mostly their many industry references for Utilities and specifically for electricity distribution worldwide. OverIT is, without a doubt, the leader in this space.”


OverIT solution’s flexibility and user-friendly interface also make it ideal for handling unforeseen emergency tasks.

With the support of OverIT, Edenor can now:

Optimize the work and schedules for 4,000 technicians

Reduce travel costs by approximately 30%

Improve first-time-fix rates by 25%

Respond to emergent work 5 times faster

Leverage subject matter experts using a real-time collaboration platform in the field

Deliver advanced safety and work procedures via mobile devices

The OverIT solution is also contributing to reaching Sustainable Development Goals:

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