Optimized management of Operation & Maintenance processes

Enel Global Power Generation is the Enel Group company dealing with the development and management of the activities aimed at generating energy from renewable resources: wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric. It operates in 29 countries belonging to 5 different continents, with over 1.200 plants.

Energy & Utility
Technicians involved


Planning and management of asset maintenance tasks

Enel Global Power Generation required a Field Service Management solution to integrate with the SAP and OSIsoft systems, in order to support Operation & Maintenance (O&M) processes within the renewable technologies sector. Specifically, the client wanted to equip itself with specific functionalities for real-time monitoring of emergencies and anomalies in the plants, as well as a mobile application for operators in the field.

The solution was also required to ensure a global template configuration for the rollouts expected all over the world, with multi-language features and a user-friendly interface.


OverIT, the leading Field Service Management solution for the Energy & Utility industry

OverIT Solution provides mobile and backend functionalities dedicated to managing maintenance notifications and Work Orders through the integration with SAP’s Plant Information and Plant Maintenance modules, which automatically generate Work Orders whenever interventions on specific assets are required.

Thanks to a highly user-friendly interface, OverIT Solution allows to monitor emergencies within plants, managing both manual and automatic scheduling of maintenance activities for field operators, who are in turn enabled to execute interventions through the mobile application on their smartphones, even offline.

Furthermore, the solution is integrated with the document management system CKS, integration with the interface e-GOS, with LDAP Kerberos, and with SAP HR for the management of the resources’ work shifts.

The worldwide project plans to make the solution available in North America (USA and Canada), starting from Italy.


Efficient integrations to ensure high-quality maintenance operations and reduce machine downtimes

Seamless integration with OSIsoft’s PI solutions and with SAP’s Plant Maintenance

Administration of data and information related to assets, to manage plant maintenance activities even more efficiently

Reduction of machine downtimes and related costs

Reduction of the MTBF rate

Enhanced quality of maintenance operations: right from the start of activities, operators can access information and documents supporting the execution of interventions, directly on mobile

Complete monitoring of field activities, thanks to data synchronization between operation centers and mobile devices