Virtual performance of quality checks on materials for plants located worldwide

Enel is the largest Italian multinational utility company in the sector of electricity production and distribution, serving around 31 million clients nationwide and more than 65 million in 31 countries worldwide.

Energy & Utility
EMEA (Italy, Spain, Romania) and LATAM (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia)
Technicians involved


Improving efficiency and reducing travels and costs during the execution of quality checks on materials

Managing a 2.2 million km-long distribution network located throughout the world, Enel is a true strategic player in the electricity sector. When it comes to such a source of energy affecting the daily life of all of us, as individuals and companies, it is obvious that materials of machineries need to be strictly and regularly evaluated from a qualitative and safety perspective as to ensure the smooth operations of the entire plant. Considering the huge amount of quality checks on materials conducted by dedicated operators every year in 700 plants situated worldwide and the limited availability of skilled resources, obliging the personnel to travel to reach the site of work turns out to be rather demanding and costly.


Fully remote execution of quality checks on materials and inspection activities through Augmented Reality

Enel yearly executes 11,000 quality checks on materials and inspection activities on machines within its 700 plants located throughout the world but relying on a limited number of skilled resources. Travel times and costs for displacing personnel clearly become an unsustainable yet avoidable expenditure by adopting innovative technologies, without loss of efficiency. Next-Gen FSM Platform ensures that virtual quality checks, therefore executed with the support of Augmented Reality-powered features entirely from remote, register the same effectiveness of testing operations executed on-site, with remarkable results in terms of higher productivity and lower costs.
Augmented Reality capabilities
Execution and monitoring of remote quality checks and inspections on materials by relying on Augmented Reality
Collaboration features
Innovative technologies to carry out several inspection activities, such as factory acceptance tests, audits of manufacturing processes, and staff training by using wearable devices and tablets and sharing multimedia audio and video contents
Mobile technology & wearable devices
Rationalization of the performance of virtual quality checks by using tablets and wearable technology (e.g., HoloLens visors, Epson, and ODG smart glasses), redlining techniques


Enel reached remarkable results in executing quality checks on materials from remote:

+52% productivity increase by remotely supervising 5,700 quality checks annually, out of 11,000 total tests

+35% increase of test monitoring activities on medium and low-risk materials

100% efficient remote tests compared to on-site tests

+15% time saving on each inspection activity

950 travels avoided annually by minimizing travel expenses

1,980 man/days availability increase per year

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

Generating clean energy from renewables is just the first step for Enel, as its business strategy embraces sustainability throughout every project phase. By adopting actions and best practices to tackle climate change, it encourages the transition towards decarbonization, minimizing the environmental impact while maximizing performance, and brings economic and social benefits to local areas by promoting circular economy. In this way, the energy produced is affordable, sustainable, clean, and accessible to all communities around the world. By relying on cutting-edge solutions, OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform allows Enel to minimize the environmental impact of activities, optimize the operational efficiency of plants, and ensure a responsible use of resources.

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