Management and digitization of field service activities in the multi-utility sector

Responsible for the entire energy chain, from production and distribution to sale of electricity, gas, and water over a 15,000 km-long network throughout Italy, Gruppo Dolomiti Energia is one of the main Italian multi-utilities, as well as one of the major Italian producers of hydroelectricity.

Energy & Utility
Technicians involved


Supervising the tasks performed by contractors automating business processes

As one of the largest multi-utilities operating throughout the Italian territory, Gruppo Dolomiti Energia consists of many subsidiaries and affiliates responsible for specific activities, from electricity-related processes to water and gas cycles, without forgetting environmental services and remote heating. Managing and automating the work of all the subsidiaries of the Group performed along the entire energy chain efficiently and without wasting time turns out to be rather demanding considering that the energy and services supplied have direct effect on the daily life of over 700,000 clients.


Effective management of the entire energy chain, from production and distribution to sales

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform provides the customer with a single Field Service Management system adopted by all divisions to digitize and automate business processes along a 14,000 km-long electricity, gas, and water network, thus avoiding the emission of over 1M tons of carbon dioxide and ensuring the supply and access of high-quality services to end users.

  • Work orders & Agenda
    Solution implementation and installation on premises and backend for managing agendas and work shifts of resources, dispatching work orders (e.g., emergency and complex activities, maintenance tasks on facilities and distribution networks), and optimizing technicians’ routes and travel times
  • Mobile App
    Management and execution of work orders on the move and possibility for field technicians to self-assign a work order and rely on checklists and job guides for interacting with and setting up smart meters
  • Third-party integration
    Full integration with multiple external systems, such as Zucchetti, SAP IS-U, SAP PM, SAP MM, HDA, SIR, TMM, Simpledo and Sharepoint


Dolomiti Energia saw outstanding results from the adoption of the features provided by OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform:

Digitalized business processes and reduced management costs

Maximized work performance on the move

Optimized work order smart planning and minimized travel time and costs

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

Several years ago, when environmental concerns seemed a pipe dream, Gruppo Dolomiti Energia was already committed to promoting a green culture and putting in place targeted measures to build a fairer, more balanced, and sustainable world for people and communities. The adoption of OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform is a move in this precise direction, as it helps Gruppo Dolomiti Energia reduce CO2 gas emissions, ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities, while strengthening the activities of water leak detection with the major objective of creating inclusive and safe cities, where clean water is not an exclusive privilege but a right for everybody.

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