Management, optimization and mobilization of Field Service tasks

Headquartered in Hanover, enercity is a German municipal company supplying energy and services. With a sales volume of around 3.1 billion euros and 800,000 clients, it is one of the largest utilities in Germany.

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Management, optimization and mobilization of Field Service tasks

Enercity needed to implement a Field Service Management product in order to respond to the changes in its business model, as to cope with the Industry 4.0 standards and a highly competitive market.

Our customer therefore requested a solution to digitalize its field service processes, improve the quality of maintenance services provided across the territory, reduce both costs and investments as well as involve the employees thanks to an enhanced user experience.


Reduced time and costs to improve customer service

The Geocall system was provided to manage, optimize and mobilize field service activities on all technical networks and assets (water, electricity, sewer, gas and heat).

The solution was developed for a process model dedicated to German utilities and employs innovative technologies to manage field resources.

The strengths of the new system implemented refer to the following main functionalities:

  • Automatic scheduling of activities basing on the configuration of multiple parameters;
  • Optimization of the planning of works thanks to different algorithms (e.g. optimization of routes, saturation of the resources);
  • GIS component and processes relying on geodata to easily and smartly localize the components of structures and networks;
  • Real-time reporting of anomalies through push notifications via mobile;
  • Detailed management of materials (from the planning to the management on field);
  • Debriefing, monitoring and analysis of activities of field resources;
  • Mobile multi-device application for field resources to fully manage the activities (e.g. generation of orders and alerts, collection of the materials used, automatic recognition of plants).


By leveraging Geocall, Enercity achieved the following results:

Improved service quality by reducing maintenance times and the number of unplanned corrective interventions

Highly automated end-to-end process to manage the staff, move materials and control costs in order to reduce Capex investments

Reduced labor costs for field services by using advanced collaboration tools