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Modernize your end-to-end linear asset lifecycle!

In today’s fast-paced world, the management of linear assets is more crucial than ever before. From utilities to telecommunications, the efficient operation of linear assets is the backbone of countless industries and significantly impacts the daily lives of entire communities.

When it comes to linear assets, our mission is clear. They must work. Always.

Ensure 100% service continuity
Prevent emergencies and environmental disasters
Get accurate data from the field
Meet net-zero challenge by 2050
Making the management of mission-critical operations on linear assets easier than ever before with the NextGen Geo

OverIT’s NextGen Geo is the game-changing solution for linear asset industries, empowering customers to quickly implement a variety of geospatial capabilities for mission-critical operations. From planning, to curating the quality of the network data, to quick decision-making during critical events, our platform facilitates every stage of your operations.

NextGen Geo empowers you to make decisions, while keeping high data quality.
Anytime. Anywhere.

No matter how complex your needs or challenges, with 20+ years of expertise, we can provide targeted GIS solutions to your entire set of mission-critical use cases, with unprecedented speed and efficiency

NextGen GEO Network Design
Design & expand your network

Craft a flawless network design journey from vision to reality while ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance.

NextGen GEO As Built vs Designed
As built vs designed

Rely on real-time editing for external contractors, ensuring seamless updates and alignment with actual construction activities.

NextGen GEO Corrective and Preventative Maintenance case study
Emergency response & preventative maintenance

Delimit impact during ordinary maintenance or failures, making informed decisions to minimize service disruptions.

NextGen Geo Design and manage new connections
Manage new connections

Design new network requirements, estimating the costs using AR and AI tools, and plan the execution of efficient new connections.

Whether you’re a planner, operations manager, network engineer, maintenance manager, executive, FSM dispatcher, or FSM technician, the NextGen Geo streamlines your daily tasks.


Visualize activities and territory status, empowering informed decision-making

Operations managers

Easily create service areas, assign work orders, and optimize resource allocation

Network engineers

Efficiently manage networks, design changes and priorities

Maintenance managers

Swiftly identify network issues, assess affected areas, and take proactive measures


Gain a unified view of work status and performance metrics for clear insights

FSM dispatchers

Benefit from a centralized platform to view technicians’ schedules and assets on a single unified map

We help you bring GIS to the next level

  • Over 100 skilled professionals and industry competences
  • 7 global competence centres
  • GIS Center of Excellence
  • 20+ years expertise in GIS
  • Strong GIS capabilities for mission-critical operations on linear assets
  • Reference point for the development of GIS

GIS know-how and expertise

As a Silver Partner and integral part of the ESRI Network, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Additionally, 20% of our GIS professionals hold certifications, boasting approximately 25 certifications collectively.

  • Esri silver partner
  • Esri partner network
  • 20+ esri certifications
  • 10 academic master in GIS
transition from geometric systems

Is your industry grappling with the transition from geometric systems to Utility Network?

Our expertise brings ESRI ArcGIS Utility Network to the next level!

  • Assessment & Discovery
  • Proof of Concept
  • Data Model & Network rules
  • Data migration & Health check
  • Integration with other systems (FSM, Scada, IoT)
  • Web editing through GIS Platform
Unlock the full potential of GIS Capabilities with industry best practices!
Download the ebook to understand the full strategy to migrate to Esri’s Utility Network.
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Our solutions have already transformed linear asset organizations globally
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Paolo Bergamo
Chief Executive Officer at OverIT
“We are on the path to being the trusted digital partners for mission critical operations in Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation.” said Paolo Bergamo, Chief Executive Officer at OverIT. “The release of NextGen Geo expands our footprint of solutions in that direction. It helps companies keep the quality of complex network data high and make it available across all departments. Moreover, this new product provides organizations with vital insights on the network, supporting decision-making in complex scenarios. NextGen Geo modernizes the end-to-end linear asset lifecycle!”
Let’s meet our experts and discover how the NextGen Geo can be the ideal solution for linear asset organizations!
Experience the power of the NextGen Geo. Gear up to modernize your end-to-end linear asset lifecycle.

100% Successful Implementations

We proudly maintain a 0% customer churn since 2019 with 4.9/5.0 Gartner rating

Enterprise Scale Deployments

Our largest utility customer deployment has over 20,000 users

21 Years of Industry Experience

We have consistently built the best FSM software solutions for utilities, telcos, transportation, and oil & gas companies

100% Reliable Coverage

We meet and exceed common utilities functional requirements without the need for 3rd party applications

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