AR Reliability audits on inductor heating furnaces

SKF is a global leader in developing, designing and manufacturing bearings, seals and lubrication systems. It operates with more than 110 production plants in 70 countries.

Industrial Manufacturing


Inspection, maintenance and testing on critical assets

Inductor heating furnaces are considered critical machines according to SKF production criteria. The lack of proper maintenance used to be the root cause of several quality issues. For this reason, reliability audits are performed by experts on regular basis.

Although, due to the restrictions on travels and business trips, SKF required a remote collaboration solution to support, from the Italian plant, the technicians operating in Spain throughout the execution of maintenance, inspection and testing activities.

The concept can be applied to other activities as well, such as quality audits, trainings and presentations.


OverIT, the leading AR Augmented Collaboration solution

SKF chose OverIT Solution, which, leveraging the power of Augmented Reality, provides advanced collaboration features, such as the real-time sharing of annotations, documents, multimedia contents and 3D models. In this way, OverIT Solution allows SKF expert technicians in Italy to support, in real time, operators in the Spanish production plants during the entire execution of maintenance, inspection and testing activities on inductor heating furnaces.

Furthermore, OverIT Solution provides plant workers with digital work instructions, in Augmented Reality and even offline, thus making the execution of maintenance operations and debriefing processes faster, safer and more efficient than ever before.


Maintenance activities made efficient

Enhanced safety, accuracy and efficiency in the performance of maintenance activities on critical assets

Increased First Time Fix rate

Reduced Mean Time Between Failures

Efficient authoring of digital work instructions

Hands-free operativity

Real-time display of technical sheets, product certifications and documents

Possibility to seamlessly operate even in noisy and low bandwidth environments