External customers’ engagement and Knowledge transfer

Prysmian Group is the worldwide largest manufacturer in the field of electric power transmission and telecommunications cables, with over 29,000 employees across 50 countries and 106 production plants.

Industrial Manufacturing


Engaging remote customers in trials and testing activities

The current state of emergency prevented Prysmian customers from attending test activities and trials in person, as in the past. In this scenario, it became crucial for the company to provide its worldwide production plants with an effective tool to remotely engage external customers.

Furthermore, the company was on the lookout for a tool aimed at supporting their internal operations, transferring knowledge among plants and providing training to plant personnel to support the development of new products.


OverIT, the leading Augmented Reality solution for an advanced collaboration and remote presentations

Powered by OverIT, the Prysmian solution named “PG Connect” offers cutting-edge technology innovations both in terms of hardware and software.

By leveraging OverIT Solution AR capabilities and a RealWear Head-mounted tablet, a Prysmian Presenter shares their point of view with external customers and displays the execution of testing activities on cable systems, in real time. Meanwhile, the Prysmian employee identified as the “Expert”, operates in backend mode, supporting the Presenter with their expertise and making the most out of the combination of the Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence provided by OverIT Solution, to share documentation, multimedia content and knowledge, engaging the attending customers in a highly captivating presentation.

Thanks to its Knowledge Management, remote collaboration and digital workflow features, PG Connect works as the ultimate tool to support remote testing with Customers, plant shopfloor activities, personnel training and product development, bringing operations to a whole new level of effectiveness.

The solution is currently ready to be used in all Prysmian Group plants.

“Our activities with customers and internal operations never stop. PG Connect is key for ensuring business continuity and guaranteeing real time support to local teams provided by an internal network of subject matter experts” said Giuseppe Pagnoni, Group Product Quality Direct.


Remote trials and testing activities

High level of interaction among participants, thus improving external customers’ engagement and satisfaction

The highest security standards to protect the sensitive Prysmian documentation and data shared during the presentation

Effective Knowledge Management and sharing

Optimized training of resources: higher efficiency and reduced times