Remote guidance in the inspection and installation of oil pumps

Trillium Flow Technologies, with its Italian division, Gabbioneta Pumps, is a global leader in the engineering, production and installation of field-proven pumps for the Oil & Gas industry.

Industrial Manufacturing
EMEA, LATAM and Middle East


Remote guidance in the inspection and installation of oil pumps

Our customer required a solution to provide its plant operators in Kuwait and Peru with remote support by experts located in the Italian headquarter, as to perform installation and inspection activities on oil pumps.


SPACE1 the leading AR Augmented Collaboration solution

Gabbioneta Pumps chose to adopt SPACE1, which, thanks to its advanced collaboration functionalities, enables expert technicians in the Italian operation center to provide remote support to the operators working in plants located in Kuwait and Peru.

SPACE1 allows to share, in real time and in Augmented Reality, multimedia contents and annotations, which streamline inspection and installation operations, by making them even more efficient, accurate and safer than ever before. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility to record interventions, thus standardizing the execution of inspections, SPACE1 is going to provide our customer with new and innovative tools aimed at managing and sharing knowledge.


Complete remote support to inspection activities

Enhanced safety and efficiency in the performance of operations

Travel costs of experts reduced to zero

Remote collaboration even in low connectivity areas

Knowledge sharing, thanks to the possibility to create new tutorial videos from intervetions’ recordings

AI-driven Knowledge Management and content tagging

Standardization of operations’ performance