Remote performance of compliance checks and inspections

H-ON Consulting is a leading international company providing consulting services, compliance checks and engineering support for the safety and reliability of industrial products.

Industrial Manufacturing


Performing compliance checks from remote

The customer required a solution enabling the remote execution of certifications processes and product compliance inspections for their end customers (companies in the industrial field) from remote, with significant benefits in terms of more agile and efficient procedures.


OverIT Solution, the leading AR Augmented Collaboration solution

H-ON Consulting has chosen OverIT Solution, which combines Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence. In fact, OverIT Solution provides advanced collaboration features for connecting H-ON Consulting’s expert technicians with their clients, conducting inspections and compliance checks on industrial products entirely from remote, by relying on real-time sharing of audio-video streaming, product forms, multimedia files and AR-powered annotations. Furthermore, OverIT Solution provides innovative Knowledge Management features that enable real-time recording of compliance checks, which are saved and stored to serve as a tool for staff training and certification of service provision.

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Francesco Rosati, Marketing Director at H-ON Consulting

“In choosing OverIT, we were certain that the innovative solutions provided by the company would exceed all our expectations. In addition to the most apparent advantages, such as those related to cost and time reduction, the integration of OverIT Solution within our DIV-CO Collaboration System has, in fact, allowed us to access advanced post-intervention reporting features and to improve the organization of works both internally and for our customers, enabling us to collaborate remotely even in noisy environments with poor connectivity”.


Innovative service provision: increased efficiency and drastic cost reduction

Improved efficiency and safety during the execution of product certification operations;

20% increase in the efficiency of operational staff;

Significant time and cost savings thanks to a 30% reduction in travel and the consequent downtime for the execution of large projects;

Possibility to work on details, managing the device zoom and flash from remote;

Advanced post-intervention reporting features;

Remote collaboration tools available even in noisy environments and low-connectivity areas.