Work Orders Dispatching and Augmented Collaboration

SACMI is a recognized world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of machines and systems for the ceramics, plastics, beverage packaging, and food processing industries. SACMI machines are used around the world and strives to achieve high quality standards and customer service.
An innovative company, SACMI, actively searches for new ways to enhance their products and service.

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Support for end customers

SACMI USA found that their processes for managing equipment maintenance and service assistance at plants in USA can be improved. To provide support for their end customers, SACMI USA technicians would often have to travel long distances to provide on-site repair and/ or troubleshooting. The pandemic of 2020 caused even further challenges as technicians were limited in their travel due to global restrictions and travel bans.

To ensure business continuity and efficiency, SACMI sought out a solution that would provide their end-customers with support, while improving their internal processes of Work Orders. SACMI USA needed to customize the assignment of Work Orders to the appropriate technicians. In addition, the tool needed to take into consideration the service quote and manage the expense reports while mobilizing frontline workers.

This tool would be used to connect technicians with remote experts as well as support end customers with assistance while overcoming travel restrictions.


OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform, the solution enabling an advanced dispatching and collaboration

After a deep analysis, SACMI USA chose to utilize OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform, a reliable application that can be applied on tablets, smartphones and/or glasses while providing a user-friendly, mobile experience.

A helpful solution for dispatching, scheduling, and collaborating is OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform. This hands-free, mobile application enables frontline workers to collaborate and troubleshoot remotely through visual guidance and sharing virtual content.

To begin the dispatch process for a Work Order, customers contact their SACMI USA service manager detailing what issue they are facing on their machine or equipment. Following this alert, a SACMI USA service manager opens a ticket on the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform portal, selecting the customer, plant, and equipment. Next, the service manager fills in the digital ticket information with fault type, activity type, due date and expected resolution date. Additional choices are selecting a preferred technician and adding additional attachments that will support the virtual maintenance or troubleshooting. Certain digital request tickets are tied to a specific Service Quote (SQ), a quotation requiring customer approval and listing expected travel expenses, and labor hours. This digital portal for assigning dispatchers to end-customers simplifies and streamlines the process for SACMI USA.

Work Orders Scheduling is also improved for SACMI USA. OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform offers a dispatching tool that assigns through each Work Order to the most suitable technician according to the preferred selection suggested by the service manager, skills, and availability. SACMI USA technicians can then perform the work order at the customer site and report or collects data on their tablet via the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform.

At any time during this process, a SACMI USA technician can start a collaboration call with a remote expert through video and audio streaming. Digital work instructions can also be tied to the Work Order to best support the SACMI technician. Once completed, the SQ becomes billable and the Work Order is successfully closed. OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform creates a smooth process end-to-end for customer support and equipment maintenance.

To address the challenge of travel ban and on-site visit restrictions, SACMI USA chose to also utilize OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform. This tool makes it easy for their end customers to schedule and open a collaboration call with a SACMI expert. Through audio and video streaming, AR annotation, content sharing, and data capture or sharing, end customers and SACMI USA experts can solve issues with equipment and machinery faster than the previously. The limitations of distance or proximity no longer hold back customer support for SACMI USA, they can deliver stellar support remotely using OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform.

SACMI USA technicians using HMD during maintenance activity

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Luca Berrone, General Manager at SACMI USA Group

We have innovated with the times, travel and onsite visit restrictions have made providing maintenance for our customers challenging; In addition, we needed a better way to dispatch our technicians. OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform filled both those needs, offering us an immersive remote collaboration tool as well as an intuitive and efficient way to assign Work Orders, collect data, and support customers faster and safer than before.


SACMI USA technicians now have the digital tools to provide a successful collaboration while working remotely for their end-customers and colleagues.

By using OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform, SACMI USA is planning to reduce machine downtime providing remote aid with troubleshooting to end-customers

SACMI USA will expect a decrease in the need for follow-up support, due to OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform enabling a ‘first time fix’ with their end-customers

The digitization of the Work Orders and SQs also increases sustainable practices and streamlines all dispatches moving processes to paperless

SACMI USA continues to innovate and ensure a high-quality customer experience, now completing repairs and resolutions to issues quicker than previously

The use of OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform highlights SACMI USA as a leader in their industry though the use of improved customer experience

The improved processes enhance company satisfaction due to the saved machine downtime and seizing the time onsite

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

SDG 4 education    SDG 9 innovation    SDG 12 responsibility