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Emergency Service Project

Hera Group is one of the largest Italian multi-utility companies with 10,000 employees, operating in a variety of sectors ranging from environmental services, integrated water cycle, energy supply (electricity and gas distribution and sale, energy services), public lighting to telecommunication.

Energy & Utility
Mobile technicians


Optimizing inspections and maintenance activities in case of emergency

Considering over 4M citizens and 350 municipalities served in Italy, Hera Group represents a real giant in the Utility industry and is required to master the management and delivery of services and activities within various areas of operation, both timely and efficiently. However, performing regular inspections, maintenance, and support on so many assets may turn out to be challenging for Hera Group’s technicians, who need to have broad expertise and direct experience on different operations to complete them quickly and successfully. And in case of emergency activities, immediate management in the field is even more important not to cause safety concerns and larger issues. Hera Group was therefore looking for an advanced solution to replace the old Field Service Management system used, ClickSoftware, and empower its over 1,600 technicians to effectively manage emergencies, facility operations, and maintenance activities on the move.


Improvement of scheduling and optimization of field emergency services

Hera opted for the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform, the best-of-breed FSM solution ensuring the highest levels of performance and flexibility required to fully oversee activities. Specific features enable Hera not to lose sight of any emergency activities, optimize both management and debriefing activities, and finally improve the whole Field Service Management cycle.

  • Integration with third-party systems
    Integration with Hera Group’s back-end systems (SAP PI, SAP CRM, SAP ECC, OpenText) to receive emergency work orders to perform
  • Activity management and scheduling
    Management and assignment of emergency activities to technicians and notification on the technicians’ mobile devices
  • Mobile application
    Mobile app to manage emergency activities through workflows directly in the field, debrief activities, attach documents and multimedia files, and forward data to the back-office users for validation purposes
  • LDAP and GIS integration
    Integration with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), to authenticate and secure user access, and ARCGIS (GIS software), to both geolocate work orders and display the GIS layers on map on mobile devices


By using the OverIT’s Next-Gen FSM Platform, Hera Group reached:

Reduced errors in activity handling

Optimized and user-friendly interface for use in the field

Increased efficiency in using the solution on the move

Enhanced management of activities

Since its establishment, Hera Group has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy, believing that economic value and sustainable development are key drivers to produce a positive impact on society and environment. Hera Group is therefore the promoter of a series of initiatives to pursue carbon neutrality by increasing energy efficiency, mitigate climate change by deploying renewable energy, and protect air, soil, and biodiversity by wisely managing water resources.

The OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform was introduced along these lines, in an effort to foster industry and infrastructure innovation, as well as safe and high-quality digitization. The final goal is to continue serving communities according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, to create sustainable cities and make the world a better place.

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

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