Remote assistance to field workers, leveraging Augmented Reality and fostering innovation

Naturgy is an innovative and sustainable multinational energy group operating in the electricity and gas business of around 20 countries, mainly Spain, Latin America, and Australia, and providing value-added services.

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Increasing performance and safety, while supporting technicians working on wind farms and gas substations

Providing value-added services to more than 16 million customers and with an installed capacity of 15.9 GW and presence in around 20 countries, mainly Spain, Latin America, and Australia, Naturgy stands out as an innovative and sustainable multinational energy group operating in the electricity and gas sectors. Naturgy business model focuses on value creation and is committed to promoting the sustainable development of human society, while ensuring a competitive and safe energy supply with environment as a primary concern. But, how to efficiently support their workforce, while transferring corporate knowledge and increasing performance with special regard for cost savings?


Hands-free technologies for improving efficiency and safety of technicians and transfer knowledge

Naturgy, through its international subsidiary Global Power Generation (GPG), has selected OverIT as its enterprise remote assistant software provider to support its maintenance staff working in the field in Mexico, Chile, and other locations, allowing them to cooperate with back-office experts and leverage Augmented Reality and features like:

•     Augmented collaboration
Augmented Reality and collaboration features for technicians to receive real-time support from experts located anywhere

•     Hands-free technologies
Smooth hands-free operation even in ATEX environments, using RealWear devices (HMT-1Z1 and HMT-1)

•     Digital work instructions
Step-by-step procedures guiding technicians during their task execution to successfully finalize the job assigned

•     Knowledge management
Corporate knowledge base storing multimedia data (e.g., videos, photos) collected in the field in case technicians need information on assets or procedures


By using OverIT’s Next-Gen FSM Platform, Naturgy is planning to reach:

Increase of safety through hands-free technologies

Improvement of efficiency and reduction of jobs completion time, relying on digital work instructions

Reduction of travel times and costs by using head-mounted devices and adopting Augmented collaboration features

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Maximiliano Diaz, Operational and Maintenance Supervisor

We have adopted a top-notch solution for assisting technicians remotely, sharing knowledge in real time, and recording work sessions. The OverIT platform is user-friendly and dynamic, letting us avoid printing checklists when performing field operations. It also increases the visibility of the jobs done and effectively communicates any issues occurred on assets.

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

Being aware of the growing importance of environmental topics, Naturgy relies on a Sustainability Plan aligned with its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, consisting of 6 drivers, 21 lines of action, and 74 indicators, complying with the Sustainable Development Goals.
To accelerate digital transformation in a struggle for a better world, Naturgy has placed a strong focus on innovation and maintains its leadership position through its ability to adapt, face challenges, and promotes energy transition, new business models, and digitalization. It commits itself to finding effective solutions to environmental challenges, such as climate change, by promoting circular economy, eco-efficiency, and biodiversity conservation.
In this light, OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform helps Naturgy strengthen its commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by eliminating manual processes to go paperless, reducing carbon emissions, improving workers’ safety, and fostering innovation across different countries.

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