Efficient planning, scheduling, and dispatching of activities on water supply networks

Veritas is one of the largest Italian public multiutility companies in terms of size and revenue, providing urban hygiene and integrated water services to 51 municipalities and producing energy from renewable sources.

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Streamlining management and support of maintenance and emergency operations on water supply networks

Veritas has always been committed in ensuring a healthy and inclusive environment by providing access to a fundamental resource as water to everybody and investing in innovative technologies and energy production from renewable resources. In order to streamline a large volume of activities daily executed by more than 300 field technicians without losing sight of its efficiency, quality and safety standards, Veritas sought out a Field Service Management system to plan, schedule, and dispatch all works, maintenance and emergency operations performed on gauges, water meters and on an over 5,340 km-long water network.


Optimized planning, scheduling, and dispatching of all activities on water supply networks

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform provides the customer with dedicated features to modernize its operating process, such as:

•     WO scheduling
Efficient management and optimal dispatching of a large volume of work orders to field technicians

•     Third-party integration
Management and assignment to field technicians of work orders imported into the system through the integration with SAP

•     Agenda
Daily and weekly plan for scheduling activities and displaying, analyzing, and editing the technician’s workload, even on multiple time frames

•     Mobile App
Mobile App for frontline workers to take in charge work orders relying on mobile forms, display related information even offline, manage data collection, and debrief activities


Veritas saw outstanding results in the management and support of maintenance and emergency operations:

Digitalized processes related to the management of activities and resources

Improved execution of field activities

Standardized information and data collected in the field

Streamlined and sped up order debriefing process

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals like:

In a constantly changing world, challenges become complex and require appropriate actions to tackle both new and emerging issues, in the light of an ongoing improvement and bearing in mind that sustainability is never the finishing line. Veritas is committed in protecting environment and people, encouraging innovation, while safeguarding health and well-being of both employees and communities. OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform allows the customer to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities, build a resilient infrastructure and promote innovation with the aim of creating inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities.

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