High-quality performance of installation activities and quality checks from remote

LAPP is headquartered in the south of Germany and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated solutions and industrial electrical engineering products for cable and connectivity technology. Its products address the needs of the industrial machinery and plant engineering sector and result in a turnover of around 1.9 billion euros. Besides the main branch, LAPP operates in future-oriented sectors, such as industrial communications, solar and wind energy, and e-mobility.

Industrial machinery and plant engineering
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Reducing in-person visits to execute quality checks and installation activities

Let’s go back in time and imagine LAPP, a well-established company with 21 production plants around the world, committed to maintaining high-quality standards and fruitful relationships with suppliers despite living the COVID-19 pandemic.
The scenario becomes more complicated when a sophisticated machinery is shipped from China to LAPP’s production site in India.
The challenge is twofold: on-site technicians in India are not trained to install it; and the expert who built the machinery cannot give support in person due to travel restrictions.
This imposes the company to find a viable alternative to bridge the physical gap, while elevating supply chain management practices.

Such challenges emerged during the pandemic but are still relevant today, for example, with regard to LAPP’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, such as the reduction of carbon emissions which goes hand in hand with a decrease in travels.


Field collaboration to perform mission-critical operations from remote

After scouting various solutions, LAPP turned to OverIT, an all-in-one provider capable of supporting all its needs, from software to hardware and services. By relying on OverIT deep expertise in FSM and the comprehensive and flexible Next-Gen FSM Platform, LAPP can now install machinery and conduct quality checks from remote, while ensuring high quality standards and overcoming complexity.

  • Remote collaboration features
    Augmented Reality-features to enable physically separate workers to communicate visually, perform virtual inspections, and receive assistance
  • Automatic workflow creation
    Machine Learning-driven video and photo indexing to automatically extract content for training and working instructions
  • Knowledge management
    Capture, enhancement, and distribution of expertise within the organization


By using the Next-Gen FSM Platform, LAPP:

Saved time and money on travels

Reduced carbon emissions

Improved accuracy and compliancy with due diligence requirements of supply chain

Increased quality assurance

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Markus Liller, Team Lead Supplier Management

OverIT is an all-in-one provider. They can support all of our needs, from software to hardware and services. This is a big advantage for us because it saves us time and hassle.

As a family-run business, LAPP strongly believes in acting responsibly to the benefit of all, from employees to clients, from environment to society. In this spirit, the company is making sustainable, long-term contributions to the preservation of human life and the natural world. By way of example, they identify processes with relevant environmental impact and adapt them sustainably in order to design products and solutions in a resource-saving manner.

The Next-Gen FSM Platform was introduced with this mission in mind. By partnering with OverIT, reducing travels and thus carbon emissions to safeguard our planet is more than a promise. It is a reality.

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has also contributed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Future of Business Operations: Remote, Digital, and Efficient
Watch the video interview to learn more about how LAPP is achieving its business goals thanks to OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform.
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