Maintenance management inside production plants

Gnutti Carlo is global leader in the development and supply of severe-duty and high performance valve train and fuel injection components for construction, agricultural, marine, genset and transportation engines.

Industrial Manufacturing


Management of Field Service activities

Our customer required a Field Service Management solution to manage maintenance activities within its production plants.


Geocall for an enhanced maintenance management inside production plants

Gnutti Carlo Group introduced Geocall Plant to organize maintenance activities in its production plants throughout the world. The solution, which is accessible from computer booths, mobile devices and desktops, fully integrates with the systems in use (SAP PM, MM and WM) and provides many benefits both for the organization of the activities assigned to field technicians and for the management of the predictive maintenance.

In particular, Geocall provided our customers with the following functionalities:

  • Assignment of interventions to technicians or teams based on production shifts;
  • Creation of a list of works to be executed during planned downtimes of machineries;
  • Reception of operational data concerning plants (i.e., machinery downtime);
  • Management of plants’ safety (Work Permit) before starting the activities for service recovery;
  • Consultation of technical data through Augmented Reality features;
  • Activities debrief and opening of new intervention requests thanks to the operational workflow available.


Increased autonomy, agility and safety of plant maintenance processes

Autonomous maintenance based on the “5S competitive” guidelines

Agile Method applied to the planning of activities

Independent management of the technicians’ working day

EWO (Emergency Work Order) templates management for the collection of data about emergencies