Knowledge Sharing in the Supply Chain and in the After Sales activities

DANIELI is among the three leading companies worldwide in the engineering, production and installation of turnkey plants and equipment for the manufacture of metals. DANIELI is a full cycle provider, from raw materials and minerals to finished products, such as plate mills, cold mills and finishing lines for strip and light-gauge strip, for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
DANIELI AUTOMATION provide process automation and control systems for metals industry covering power distribution, instrumentation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
More than 10.000 people operate in the Group’s divisions located in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India and Japan.

Industrial Manufacturing


Knowledge sharing and remote collaboration

Allowing Danieli Automation and the other Group’s divisions to leverage remote collaboration functionalities with experts and access a knowledge base, in order to improve troubleshooting processes and share best practices, thus creating a new standard in the Metal Industry.

The final aim is to consolidate this product for the whole Metal industry, in order for Danieli Automation to empower its own end customers with a strong, structured and vertical solution (QSPACE1).


SPACE1, the advanced collaboration product

Danieli chose to adopt SPACE1, rebranded as QSPACE1 for the optimization of its activities, such as:

  • Remote certification of suppliers and quality controls of supplied materials;
  • Pre- and After Sales technical assistance;
  • Erection and commissioning – Activities related to the installation and production of steel plants;
  • Remote performance of Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) – Seamlessly connecting stakeholders, customers and suppliers, from remote and in real time;
  • Warranty and maintenance activities – Providing a better communication during the whole warranty period, to improve response time and avoid any misinterpretation;
  • Tracking of information exchanged and creation of a “knowledge base” to support problem-solving processes;
  • Training – Upgrade existing employee skills to increase production performance and train new hires to be “production ready” with the basic technical, safety and quality skills.


Augmented Reality collaboration for an advanced customer support

Convincing customers with fast case resolution and no compromises on quality

Compliance to SLAs (quality and service standards), while ensuring a first-time resolution of issues

Recording of best practices on the job, to better tackle any repetitive issue or failures on Danieli’s plants

Improved collaboration between technicians and manufacturers and between customers and suppliers