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The economies of the world have reached a turning point, seeing the unfortunate loss of lives, affected health, and mass impact of poor infrastructure. Some countries have chosen to invest heavily in the repair, construction and maintenance of linear assets, and encourage opportunities related to the ecological and digital transition.

To be successful in the goals of repairing and replacing infrastructure, Linear Asset Management is needed to ensure the safety, efficiency, and resilience of assets.

OverIT will be a strategic partner for these mission-critical tasks. Our substantial number of satisfied and successful customers prove that we are the #1 Field Service Management choice for Linear Asset Management. We will keep our communities warm, safe, and running. Together.

OverIT FSM Infrastructure

Improve the inadequate system of busses, rail cars, stations, track, signals and power in need of replacement and build new lines in key locations.

OverIT FSM Infrastructure 2

Assess and inspect bridges and roads, which impacts efficiency of rails, cars, and public transit systems.

OverIT FSM Infrastructure 3

Replace all the nation’s lead pipes and service lines.

OverIT FSM Infrastructure 4

Build broadband infrastructure at high speed, especially in rural communities.

OverIT FSM Infrastructure 5

Build thousands of miles of new, resilient transmission lines to facilitate the expansion of renewable energy.

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Linear Asset Management

LAM improves the management of infrastructure networks to increase control, ensure compliance, and improve customer service.

  • Rail preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Car operation
  • Shift management
  • On-Train resource optimization
  • Long-term planning
  • Hands-free inspection and monitoring
  • Mobile empowerment
  • Depot stop planning
  • Inspection and assessments
  • Resource optimization
  • Maintenance management
  • Digital checklists and mobile forms
  • Mobile empowerment
  • GIS embedded functionalities
  • Meter operations
  • Pipeline management
  • Regulation compliance
  • Resource optimization
  • Emergency response
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Mobile empowerment
  • GIS embedded functionalities
  • Outage management
  • Contractor management
  • Maintenance management
  • Resource optimization
  • Work on-site
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Mobile empowerment
  • GIS embedded functionalities
  • Rural and urban scheduling
  • Network extension
  • Outage management
  • Mobile empowerment
  • Maintenance management
  • Resource optimization
  • Long-term Planning
  • Inspection and Monitoring
  • GIS & IoT Embedded Functionalities
Customer success stories with LAM software
What Benefits Occur When Using OverIT Next-Gen FSM for LAM
Improved scheduling reliability
Innovative training
Innovative training and upskilling
Knowledge Transfer
Enhanced knowledge transfer
Optimized efficiency workflows
Optimized workforce efficiency
Increased worker safety
Crews management
Maximized handling of distributed crews
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