Software solution for the infrastructure industry

Improving efficiency and compliancy in inspection processes

Modern inspection software has enabled organizations to improve documentation compliance and improve the management of infrastructure assets. Certified Inspectors across the world are now leveraging the benefits of technology to enhance their inspections.

They’re using technologies like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to identify potential problems, which helps them find things faster and improves asset management in the form of condition-based monitoring and inventory control.

AI-driven schedule optimization for inspection planning and resource allocation

The optimization of resources is crucial in the inspection management process. OverIT uses artificial intelligence (AI) to intelligently allocate resources and optimize their workflow to ensure inspectors are assigned to the right job at the right time.
The company considers various factors, including task complexity, distance, availability, and required skills, when allocating jobs to employees.

Upload and fill in checklists and mobile forms

No code configuration and dispatching of checklists and mobile forms.
Inspectors can assess assets, filling-in forms in mobility, even offline, dynamically showing fields based on previous inputs to generate a digital inspection file.
Both alphanumeric and advanced data, such as signatures, photos, videos or GPS coordinates.

Field Collaboration and Knowledge sharing

A comprehensive set of features blending see-what-I-see collaboration, Augmented Reality annotation, content sharing, and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms. OverIT supports inspectors and contractors (even hands-free), providing real-time assistance, training, and enhancing the knowledge capture and distribution, closing the skills gap and dramatically improving the accuracy of data collected.

Inspecting bridges, roads and highways, and infrastructures, is a strenuous activity, and an important one

When you take into consideration just how many people are using a bridge or a road every day, it becomes apparent that faulty equipment could potentially cause huge problems. The Next-Gen FSM Platform for Infrastructure Assets Inspection helps strengthen compliance with regulatory reporting and recordkeeping requirements.


AI-driven schedule optimization and dispatching

2D & 3D GIS

Workflow management and mobile forms setup


Remote assist


Online & offline mobile forms collection, embedding GIS technical data

Checklist upload and fill-in

Step-by-step digital workflows

Virtual Collaboration

Knowledge sharing

Keeping our communities warm, safe, and running. Together.
OverIT will be a strategic partner for these mission-critical tasks. Our substantial number of satisfied and successful customers prove that we are the #1 Field Service Management choice for Linear Asset Management. We will keep our communities warm, safe, and running. Together.
OverIT for infrastructure
Bridge, roads, and assets inspection companies are turning to new technology like that of OverIT inspections and assessment product to make their processes more efficient
The introduction of technology has made a significant difference in how certified inspectors conduct inspections and assessments. They can now get higher quality inspection results and much more quickly due to technological advancements
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