CTRL-ALT-DELETE: Time to reboot field service?

We are pleased to announce a new white paper that we have created in collaboration with Field Service News!

The white paper, entitled “CTRL-ALT-DELETE: Time to reboot field service?”, points out the urgency of moving away from legacy systems as field service arrives in a new era.

As the vision of the future of field service becomes much clearer, it is apparent that the legacy systems we are currently reliant upon may no longer be up to the task of helping us optimize service operations that now sit across both field and remote.
Instead, we should be seeking to embrace next-gen FSM systems, such as OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform, that were designed with such a future in mind.

In this white paper, we explore three key reasons why the move away from legacy systems is rapidly becoming an urgent and pressing requirement for field service organizations.
Specifically, the paper goes through:

  • The establishment of Remote Service as part of our industry
  • The importance of Artificial Intelligence in a data-driven industry
  • The ageing workforce crisis
CTRL-ALT-DELETE: Time to reboot field service?
Have we reached the point where we need to reboot field service technology and processes to meet the demands of the future?
Download the white paper and discover how OverIT can support you in your digital transformation!
Field Service News 2022 ctrl alt delete time to reboot field service brochure
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