OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform
2022 Wave One

January 28, 2022
OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave One elevates your business by establishing a reliable and trusted customer service anywhere.

Want to be more accurate and predictive in your field operations? The innovative features released enable a ML-precision intraday scheduling, while empowering your mobile workforce with continuous feedback, and never-ending connections.

Machine Learning-Precision Intraday Scheduling
Support dispatchers in the intraday schedule of activities, making the process more accurate and closer to human experience and behavior.

The ML-precision intraday scheduling’s feature refines the schedules and assigns work orders to the most suitable technician due to the continuous learning of historical data, experience, and performance, together with manual actions of dispatchers on the daily plan, and real-time data from field.

Tangible Benefits
Reducing travel times by 17%
Minimizing the gap between
planned vs actual by 23%
Improving the first-time-fix rate to 77%
Simplifying planner activity
Construction Site
Manage construction sites and close the gap between work on site managers and external contractors.

The upgrade of the construction site module allows organizations to receive continuous feedback on the work performed by external companies, automatically collect and recognize data, driven by Computer Vision, and validate field works with detailed and precise quality inspections.

Tangible Benefits
Expediting the payment of contractors by 21%
Improving the precision of quality inspection management
Reducing the margin of error with continuous feedback to 0.01%
Enhancing automatic collection of data driven by Computer Vision
Complex Job Handling a.k.a. “Multistage Task”
Support planners and technicians in order to simplify and automate the planning and management of complex jobs.

The new feature allows to handle interdependent activities, allowing dispatchers to automatically manage and assign multistage tasks to field workers, respecting time and resource dependencies and compliance with SLAs, making easier the understanding of daily plan, due to an advanced user experience.

Tangible Benefits
Reducing the amount of effort and time by 14%
Facilitating the scheduling
of activities
Expediting execution of activities
by 27%
Improving the productivity by 33%
Mobile App on Windows O.S.
In a world where mobile technology is king, workforce constantly relies on smartphones and tablets to bring on their everyday activities.

OverIT enhances the mobile experience of field technicians, upgrading the mobile App on Windows Operating System.

Tangible Benefits
Extending mobile platform
and services
Covering a greater number of users
Accessing procedure easily
Broadening “UX” options
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