SPACE1 entra nella Manufacturing Experience di Microsoft Italia

July 16, 2019

Our application has been included in a training experience designed for enterprises to test first-hand the cutting-edge capabilities of Mixed Reality in the manufacturing industry

The Microsoft Technology Center in Milan has recently inaugurated a brand-new training site, allowing both enterprises and professionals to experience and better understand the latest innovations through the Microsoft partner applications, from Industry 4.0 to Artificial Intelligence, thus facing the challenges of one of the strategically most important industries in the Italian economy.

The Manufacturing Experience is a real journey, created to cover several aspects: from demand forecasting to the supply of raw materials, from production management to the sale of end products, from the monitoring through telemetric signals to after-sale services and training programs for new employees.

Furthermore, attendees can discover how technicians working in production plants are trained through SPACE1. Certified since 2018 in the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, our application allows to train technicians to perform maintenance activities on a given machinery by wearing HoloLens. SPACE1 Extended Training takes training activities to a whole new level by providing highly innovative, safe and collaboration-driven training sessions and ensuring a substantial reduction in the costs and time required for training as well as a considerable increase in end users’ satisfaction to the enterprises intended to deploy it in their business processes.

The new Microsoft training area has been conceived for all enterprises willing to experience first-hand the latest innovations introduced by the American IT multinational company to support our country in its digital transformation. The aim is to provide an immersive experience focusing on data, which is safely tracked throughout the whole process and enhanced with AI in order to plan tangible actions and concrete projects able to boost the growth of our country.