The Next-Gen FSM Platform by OverIT

Lower implementation times thanks to high integrability and extensibility with a new “API-first” approach

New disruptive technologies are emerging and shaping the future of FSM: Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, IoT, GIS, sensors. OverIT is recognized as the best transformational partner to accompany and guide customers in this evolution path and to manage FSM mission-critical operation.

OverIT has a strategic goal: to continue anticipating FSM market needs, unleashing the full potential of its vibrant partner ecosystem. So, it is time to write a new chapter for our software.

The Next-Gen FSM Platform by OverIT is now live
OverIT upgrades its platform, re-writing Geocall “API-first”, strongly oriented to integrability and extensibility for all partners.

The vibrant ecosystem of OverIT is a solid, reliable, and ever-expanding network of relationships. We firmly believe in the link we have established with our partners over the years. We have a clear mission: strengthen our creation of value and ensure the success of our customers – our main strategic asset – jointly leading them towards the future of Field Service Management.

Why Next-Gen FSM platform by OverIT?
Unlocking the power of our ecosystem means for us to let partners leverage our extensible operating system, unleashing their potential and helping customers extend FSM features and integrations. We allow our network to accelerate and drive the adoption of the entire set of disruptive technologies rapidly emerging in our business, into an integrated enterprise application landscape.

Geocall the next Gen fsm platform

API-first approach, new tools, and a program designed specifically to facilitate the collaboration between partners and OverIT experts and specialists. The new OverIT Partner Program transmits our leadership, vision, and values, but above all features and technologies of our platform, enabling the OverIT Community to learn, extend, integrate, and successfully deliver our platform. The Next-Gen FSM Platform also introduces comprehensive documentation for developing APIs, and highly technological and innovative document services, available to Partner Ecosystem and customers, making the platform perfectly and easily integrable and extensible, and facilitating the perfect fit of their functionality with customers’ needs.

Dramatic and tangible benefits. The Next-Gen FSM Platform:
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Simplifies implementation
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Eases integration
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Enhances extensibility
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Paolo Bergamo, OverIT CEO

The voice of our customers is the most valuable feedback we can collect. They guide us to be better and more innovative. They absolutely love working with us and they are extremely happy with the breadth of the solution. Moreover, they did tell us extensibility and integrability are primary drivers for creating and delivering a platform leading them towards the future.

Lower implementation times, seamless upgrades, and feature extensibility are strategic factors.

So, here we are! We listened to them and we delivered!

I’m thrilled to announce “The Next-Gen FSM Platform by OverIT”, an incredible update of our FSM solution! We want to provide more and more a complete FSM platform to our partner ecosystem allowing our customers to experience a unique journey into a full-integrated enterprise application landscape.

Platform Brochure
OverIT already has an eye towards the next step. What will it be?
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