H-ON Consulting integra il prodotto SPACE1 nel proprio sistema di ispezione da remoto DIV-CO collaboration system

April 23, 2021

Milan, April 23, 2021.

Leading global provider of consulting, compliance checks and engineering support for the security, reliability and cyber security of industrial products, H-ON Consulting relies on the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) to provide users with an advanced, immersive and unprecedented remote collaboration experience.

In fact, the company’s remote collaboration system called DIV-CO Collaboration System, based on innovative remote inspection and videoconference functionalities for the technical management at customers’ facilities, required integration with a component to be dedicated to certification processes and product compliance inspections of end customers (companies in the industrial manufacturing field) from remote, with significant benefits in terms of more agile and efficient procedures.

The long-term relationship built on trust, has led H-ON Consulting to choose OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration), a high-tech product combing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to provide users with the ultimate remote collaboration experience on the market.

The OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) offers advanced collaboration features for connecting H-ON Consulting’s expert technicians with their clients, conducting inspections, tests, certification processes and compliance checks on industrial machinery entirely from remote, relying on real-time sharing of audio/video streaming, product checklists, 3D models, multimedia files and AR notes. In addition, voice controls make it possible for technicians to operate hands-free, thus improving overall safety. Moreover, the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) provides innovative Knowledge Management features for the real-time recording of compliance checks, which are saved and stored to serve as a tool for staff training and certification of service provision.

In the past, such activities would be handled by two H-ON Consulting engineers, sent to the company to be certified. Now, this innovative approach only requires one technician to be located inside the plant, while the other connects from remote, providing equally efficient operational standards, despite the restrictions due to the current pandemic, which impose restricted access to facilities. This solution also allows the checks to be carried out by the customer’s staff, through an AR headset that can be integrated with the safety devices provided, to connect with and be guided in real time by H-ON Consulting’s remote expert.

H-on consulting has integrated the space1 product into its remote inspection tool div-co collaboration system

The integration of the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) within the DIV-CO Collaboration System, has resulted into major benefits for H-ON Consulting, such as a 20% increase in the efficiency of its operational staff, improved safety in the execution of product certification operations and significant time and cost savings, thanks to a 30% reduction in travel and the consequent downtime for the execution of large projects.

In choosing OverIT, we were certain that the innovative solutions provided by the company would exceed all our expectations”, says Francesco Rosati, Marketing Director at H-ON Consulting. In addition to the most apparent advantages, such as those related to cost and time reduction, the integration of the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) within our DIV-CO Collaboration System has, in fact, allowed us to access advanced post-intervention reporting features and to improve the organization of works both internally and for our customers, enabling us to collaborate remotely even in noisy environments with poor connectivity.

According to Chief-Engineer Manuele Fanucci of KME, one of the world’s largest producers of copper and copper alloy materials, and a client of H-ON Consulting: “Our collaboration with H-ON Consulting has been going on for several years now, and the solutions they have offered have always met our every need. Today, we can state that the integration of the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform (Field Collaboration) into the DIV-CO Collaboration System of H-ON Consulting has allowed us to reach unprecedented levels of operational autonomy, as well as to optimize all certification-related procedures, thanks to quick access to data and the use of voice commands for hands-free operating modes. A further crucial factor to never underestimate in our work is the safety of our staff, who we were easily able to provide with regulated access to plants, hence reduced contacts with external technicians.

We are extremely proud of the trust our customers have placed in us over the years”, says Cristiano Martincigh, Sales Director for Italy at OverIT. “In fact, we have always been committed to the development of innovative solutions aimed at optimizing the activities of field technicians and anticipating market demands. Thanks to the solution, we were able to integrate Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in a single solution, bringing the traditional concept of collaboration to a whole new level, allowing companies to interact from remote and in real time with their customers. Regardless of the current social context and distancing due to the pandemic, we have introduced tools that until recently had only been seen in science fiction, paving the way for a completely new approach to work.