SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration: AR e AI si combinano nella release 3.0

June 1, 2020

Available now the new product features that reshape the concepts of remote collaboration and support to ensure business continuity to companies

The challenges posed by the current global situation and the related change in proximity logics are rapidly transforming many companies’ business processes and their approach to daily activities.

By combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, the 3.0 release of SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration extends the traditional boundaries of collaboration, allowing to safely provide technical support, present products and train staff, overcoming all distance and communication limits.

Our cross-platform, multidevice product, works both online and offline and can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems, to extend resources’ capabilities in three different application areas, such as:


By providing support to field technicians during maintenance, inspection, and test activities, with the aim of enhancing productivity, quality and safety, even in those situations with low network coverage.


By introducing a new perspective in training activities, allowing users to collaborate everywhere and providing them with remote interaction and knowledge sharing tools.


By driving the way to cooperate to new heights, allowing to involve clients and suppliers from remote to propose products and share advanced contents in real time, ensuring an unprecedented user experience.

Furthermore, the integration with Knowledge Management features, based on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, allow to reshape and share the collected data, maximizing the knowledge transfer across all levels of the organization.

By combining Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence, SPACE1 is the product that simplifies collaboration processes and “extends” the staff’s capabilities, allowing to take the company wherever the business requires it.