OverIT partner di Data Transfer Solutions (USA)

June 1, 2018

This collaboration will deliver the latest in next-level GIS tools to the growing DTS client base across North America

It’s no secret that technology moves fast. That’s why OverIT has partnered with DTS, a leader in asset management, Geographic Information Systems, and transportation planning.
Headquartered in Orlando, DTS specializes in creating solutions to help clients automate their worlds, reduce their workload, and organize their data through customized technology. DTS staff understands technology like no other firm. Through the years they have built an interdisciplinary staff who are experts in their fields and cross trained for responsiveness and adaptability.

By integrating DTS expertise with our SPACE1 AR/MR/VR solution, we will bring together the digital geospatial world and 3D virtual holographic images. This space-age technology will allow field workers the ability to complete maintenance work, repairs, and more with the assistance of a virtual assistant; screencaps and step-by-step instructions are displayed alongside their “real” equipment and operations. Kryptonian-like vision allows users to “see” hidden building specs, such as water lines, pipes, and electrical components, normally invisible to the naked eye. All of this means more efficient and accurate work with fewer errors. If you still don’t think the solution will apply to your organization, perhaps it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

SPACE1, an Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality product, a powerful solution, easily accessible to different kinds of businesses:

  • Applicable to all industries and companies of all sizes
  • A sound and scalable investment with minimum deployment and adoption burden
  • Flexible configuration settings
  • Works offline and syncs without compromising data
  • Powerful integration with DTS’s VUEWorks® and other industry leading third party systems
  • Intuitive: it’s easy to use and manage
  • Multi-device, multi mobile platform: already available on HoloLens, ODG, RealWear, EPSON Moverio, Android and iOS Tablets, and compatible with devices that will be launched on the market in the following months.