SPACE1 Partner Essential Education – Fall edition

October 12, 2020

OverIT is introducing the SPACE1 Partner Essential Education

We are thrilled to announce that the SPACE1 Partner Essential Education, the OverIT’s training dedicated to Partners, is held from the 13th to the 15th October 2020.

Featuring our state-of-the-art SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration product, OverIT’s Partners will get the chance to experience how AR & AI can support organizations by empowering field technicians to perform their activities safely and efficiently, using handheld tablets, head-mounted displays and wearable devices.

During our virtual Training, Partners will have the opportunity to get practical, on-the-spot answers and engage each other to reinforce learning.

Supported by presentations, peer discussions and interactive demos, Partners will dive into the best practices to deliver solutions addressing any customer scenario. The three-day Training Program will cover:

  • Business challenges organizations are facing nowadays and the solutions provided by SPACE1;
  • Technology: the differences between Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality;
  • Wearable devices;
  • The role of AI for knowledge capture, enhancement, distribution;
  • AR Application areas;
  • Customer success stories;
  • SPACE1 Product live demonstrations;
  • SPACE1 System Administration and configuration.

Here at OverIT, we firmly believe that the strategic combination of network-trusted technology partners, integration consultants, along with the support of our product specialists are key factors for every customer-centric business.