OverIT nel Microsoft MRPP grazie a SPACE1

December 16, 2018

Thanks to SPACE1, OverIT is now a Microsoft International Partner, offering Mixed Reality solutions

OverIT has attained the “Microsoft international partner” status within the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) thanks to SPACE1, the product reshaping business processes through Mixed Reality.

The MRPP is designed to enable partners to create world-class Mixed Reality solutions, allowing their customers to make the most out of the MR world for their business. Members of this exclusive program are among the world’s most advanced practitioners of Mixed Reality and have demonstrated strong competencies in designing, building, and deploying enterprise Mixed Reality solutions, helping advance the most vibrant and successful partner ecosystem the technology world has ever known.

Members gain access to a wide range of benefits (services, tools, guidance, support), a growing and supportive community of peers that regularly share insights and best practices, and a regular rhythm of connections to Microsoft product teams to help unlock the power of Mixed Reality and Azure cloud services for their clients.

At OverIT, we are firmly convinced that building Mixed Reality applications is key to streamline field processes. By leveraging Virtual training, knowledge sharing and remote assistance capabilities provided by cutting-edge technologies, companies can arm their technicians with the latest tools to perform field tasks faster, better, and hands-free, relying on smartglasses and wearable devices.

As the needs of the market and of customers evolve, we are working to improve and innovate our product even more, by adding new features in the future releases of SPACE1. Our ultimate goal is to offer a best-in-class product, supporting companies on their path to Mixed Reality adoption, and helping them gain a significant competitive advantage.