Geocall Safety per la sicurezza sul lavoro

January 10, 2019

New functionalities to monitor operators and manage emergencies

“Safety” is the Geocall module to manage the operators’ safety and monitor the health conditions of field operators through advanced wearable sensors.

The system relies on three components, Server, Mobile and Smartwatch. It provides tools aimed at:

  • Managing the automatic or manual/voluntary activation of the functionality for monitoring a resource;
  • Automatically detecting potential anomalies affecting the status of a resource, based on given events and conditions monitored through the mobile application running on smartphones/tablets and/or smartwatches;
  • Allowing the field resource to manually notify the need for support or to cancel an automatic alert;
  • Monitoring the status of field resources in real time from the operations center, by relying on alphanumeric, graphic and cartographic data;
  • Supervising the procedures for the management of an alert condition, thanks to a structured workflow. The user is guided and monitored while completing a set of previously defined steps.