Geocall entra nell’era dell’Intelligenza Artificiale

January 15, 2018

The Field Service Management features are now implemented by the proprietary platform Iride Almawave and by its Speech Recognition solutions

OverIT and Almawave announce the signing of a partnership agreement that covers the integration of voice controls and predictive analysis in the management of maintenance interventions, thus providing a smart support that allows to find in a simple and quick way the information needed, to promptly report surveys and interventions, and to simplify the working procedures. This all can be achieved thanks to the power of automatic transcription voice controls and of the Artificial Intelligence for the fast search.

“The mission of Almawave technologies, developed according to a People Centered perspective – says Valeria Sandei, Almawave CEO – is to design innovative and easy to use solutions which are based on natural language. The satisfaction reaches its peak when the Iride platform integration allows to enrich other companies’ products and to improve the ways people can carry out their activities, simplifying the processes and boosting their expertise and abilities”.

Now Geocall users can make the most out of the voice controls by giving information to the system just through their voice, thus being able to operate in “hands-free” mode. This allows them to find the contents needed to carry out the activities, but also to classify in a simple and accurate way each intervention that has been promptly and fully executed.

“We have always supported the simplification of the on-field applications – says Marco Zanuttini, OverIT CEO & Chairman – The partnership with Almawave is an important step towards this goal, since it allows our users to operate in an “hands-free” mode, without the need of interrupting the ongoing activity”.

The voice control automatically activates both the processes for the information reception and the processes for the storage and categorization of such information, thanks to the semantic engine, thus creating a knowledge basis and an experiences memory which are shared, and become useful to the user in order to detect and solve any possible technical issue, in a quick and independent way. In this way it is possible to identify similar and recurring situations, to speed up the interventions and to implement advanced processes of predictive maintenance.