Geocall 8.5: il Field Service Management evolve ancora

April 9, 2018

Augmented Reality, work safety and integration: these are the keystones of the new release

Analysts have put the accent on the unprecedented growth experienced by the Field Service Management over the last few years. The strategy OverIT puts into action to face the ever-changing challenges in this market, is that of constantly investing in the development of new functions and in the research of the ultimate technological innovations to provide customers with excellent tools for optimizing the field processes.
With this 8.5 release, Geocall WFM has become more user-centric than ever before.
Virtual Collaboration, field user safety and new extensions for the mobile report: these are the latest functions developed for the field activities which define Geocall WFM as an innovative, high-performing and smart product.
In further detail, the components introduced in the latest version include:

  • Safety Module to monitor field operators’ safety and vital signs through wearable devices in real time;
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality, Virtual Collaboration functions, management of guided operational procedures, Training & Learning and innovative GIS representations;
  • Introduction to the mobile timesheet concept to check the report process by improving the management, the monitoring and the quality of data collected on field;
  • Updated Integration Layer to promote enhanced and more productive integration with SAP PM in addition to a new management of alerts.