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OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two unleashes its full potential, not only delivering a long list of features, expanding the product offering and the quality of the platform, but also making the software even more configurable, enabling seamless integration with other systems, and helping partners tailor and satisfy every customer’s needs.


We encourage and increase the ability to configure our platform, providing many new features now available:

  • New configuration engine and new user interface to configure the Next-Gen FSM Platform modules
  • Single sign-on technologies, optimizing the configuration engine, which can now run quickly than ever before
  • Branding, customization of the look & feel of the User Interface and its localization, simplifying processes and the user experience, improving the effectiveness of time and costs, while satisfying customers’ needs

We facilitate the integration of our platform:

  • Redefining the operation environment of the Next-Gen FSM Platform, allowing our customers to rely on native integration with AWS cloud services. This is crucial for the portability, agility, and efficiency of the platform, making the delivery faster and improving the security of the application
  • Expanding the REST API catalog, to connect data and processes, extend digital capabilities, combine services and business models, making more and more tools available to partners to independently develop the platform

The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Two also introduces new features, expanding the value proposition. The platform presents new Machine Learning capabilities making the Field Service process 100% precise, optimizing the efficiency of the scheduling process, and enhancing the mobile user experience while in the field, working in a solid network security system with the latest innovative devices.

Improving first-time fix rate powered by Machine Learning techniques
Improving the efficiency of field operations, optimizing the schedule
Ensuring compliance in the workplace, reducing hazards
Being guided in the execution of operations without forgetting all needed steps
Providing security features to access and share data
Making the most of the ultimate in technology during remote collaboration sessions
Providing organizations with the next-gen of quality inspections and tests
ML-based spare part suggestion

The challenge
Very often technicians are not able to finalize a job because they miss a spare part, finding out they miss it only once on-site. No matter how skilled technicians are, without the right parts, first-time fix is a KPI impossible to achieve.
Let’s think about the negative impact on the company if once technicians are on-site for the maintenance or repair job, they cannot perform the task due to the lack of the right parts. Technicians need to come back and reschedule the operation, double costs, have fewer resources for other operations, and spend more time.
However, field service solutions can avoid these unexpected events.

The solution
The ML–based spare part suggestion assigns the right parts and amounts required to finalize jobs once technicians get to a worksite. No lost times, no doubts, when technicians leave to perform an operation, they have every part they need to complete a specific job, ensuring the problem is fixed the first time.
The platform learns from historical data about the materials, work orders, planned quantities, and accounted quantities. Using such information to train the Machine Learning engine and to predict both the best material and quantities to perform activities in the field, OverIT ensures that a technician is always thoroughly prepared before heading to a job site, thus enhancing the scheduling process and the mobile user experience.

Impact & KPIs
•  Improving first-time fix rate
•  Enhancing customer satisfaction
•  Reducing costs
•  Expediting the execution of operations

Watch the video and discover the full potential of the ML-based spare part suggestion feature

Job bundler

The challenge
One of the main pain points of field service organizations is the pursuit of high efficiency, to provide better service and ensure customer satisfaction.
Achieving this goal is not always easy for several reasons, one of which is that field service organizations often have to schedule numerous activities that are similar to each other, by activity, customer, location, asset to be maintained. Both the schedulers and the technicians who perform the activities in the field are dealing with this challenge every day.
How to overcome it? Looking for a better way to schedule and execute this type of jobs as per the following three main use cases.
1.  Bundle of multiple activities scheduled in the same location
2.  Bundle of multiple activities localized within the same geographical area
3.  Bundle of similar activities requiring specific parts and equipment

The solution
The job bundler identifies similar jobs (activity type, same customer, location or asset, etc.) that can be grouped into a bundle, assigning them to a single technician or a team, both manually and automatically. In this way, other operators can handle different work orders, optimizing the schedule, simplifying the management of field technicians, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Impact & KPIs
•  Optimizing the schedule
•  Improving the efficiency of field operations
•  Increasing end-customer satisfaction
•  Saving times and costs

Watch the video and discover the full potential of the job bundler feature

Safety Checklists

The challenge
Safety has always been a focus for field service, but now more than ever it has become more top of mind. Due to several restrictions imposed, after the pandemic organizations worldwide faced huge challenges in terms of safety. Essential for field service management and frontline workers, companies looked for new ways to increase safety standards and conditions and improve overall efficiency, ensuring business continuity and employees’ satisfaction:
• Reducing hazards while in the field
• Minimizing the risk of exposure to dangers
• Ensuring compliance in the workplace

The solution
OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform has increased the safety of the workforce. Before starting any field work, technicians must complete a safety checklist. Only if all safety conditions are met, they can start working in the field:
•  Safety checklists are fully configurable, set up to be easy to use by technicians
•  Frontline workers can manage checklists with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or through voice-control with hands-free head-mounted tablets
•  If a procedure is not completed, technicians cannot ignore it, ensuring that all safety standards are respected
•  Furthermore, when frontline workers are checking for safety, they can also record the entire activity, collecting data in real-time. In the end, the video recorded will be a digital report about the activity carried out, which can be sent to any other third-party systems

Impact & KPIs
•  Increasing safety standards
•  Improving the overall efficiency of activities
•  Enhancing employees’ satisfaction
•  Simplifying the creation of configurable safety walk checklists

Safety Checklist OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform

Job Guide

The challenge
Managing mission-critical operations is not always an easy task. Just think about asset inspection audits, maintenance activities, Factory Acceptance Tests, machine status checks, monitoring of spare parts, vehicles, when technicians are out in the field to perform several jobs in a day and in mobility, they need a support, in terms of:
•  Being guided in the execution of operations without forgetting all needed steps,
•  Debriefing large amount of data (such as pressures, asset operating status, voltage, etc.),
•  Collecting and saving important information, in order to validate the work carried out.

The solution
The Next-Gen FSM Platform can easily create job guide, fully configurable. With the support of a dedicated to-do list, OverIT guides technicians in the execution of tasks, streamlining and accelerating data collection processes when it comes to manage mission-critical operations (inspection audits, Quality and Factoring Acceptance Tests, and monitoring of spare parts, vehicles):
•  Job guides are set up to be easy to use by technicians
•  Few steps are required to finalize the procedure, and at the end of the activity a report with full information is automatically created collecting all the information provided
•  Technicians can manage job guides with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or through voice-control with hands-free head-mounted tablets.
•  If a procedure is not completed, you cannot ignore it, ensuring that every part of the work is performed before closing the task
•  Furthermore, when technicians are performing their tasks and validating them through checklists, they can also record entire activities, collecting data in real-time. In the end, the video recorded will be a digital report about the work carried out, which can be sent to any other third-party systems

Impact & KPIs
•  Simplifying the execution of operations in the field
•  Improving the efficiency of mission-critical operations
•  Enhancing the user experience
•  Empowering the creation of configurable self-resolution checklists

Job Guide OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform

Collaboration in secure networks

The challenge
The cybersecurity landscape constantly changes, and in a world that is even more connected, the network security area is becoming more and more critical over the years, not only in our everyday life but also in the business world. Therefore, organizations understand the importance of protecting the privacy of their employees to improve their overall security.

The solution
OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform enables technicians to collaborate in secure networks:
• Reducing the risk of data loss, theft, and sabotage
• Preventing unauthorized access
• Providing security features to access and share data
• Respecting all the highest security standards

Impact & KPIs
• Increasing the users’ experience
• Enhancing collaboration features
• Improving the efficiency of field works
• Rising the overall security of employees

Coolaboration OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform

Augmented Collaboration on HoloLens2

The challenge
Company organizations are going through massive digital transformation, and the Field Service Management universe is being primarily impacted by this process. Technicians, engineers, and the workforce constantly rely on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to conduct their activities. However, mobility isn’t just about smartphones and tablets.
Technicians are increasingly attracted by wearable devices and the undoubted advantages they offer, from hands-free operating modalities to using voice commands to perform activities, ask for relevant information and access the corporate knowledge library, while monitoring health and safety parameters.

The solution
OverIT comes to its customers and prospects as the ultimate technological partner, taking them all the way through this evolutionary path. With HoloLens2 OverIT makes the most of the ultimate in technology during remote collaboration sessions:
•  Providing Augmented Reality features
•  Working hands-free
•  Giving the possibility to interact with multimedia content, and superimpose documents, images, videos, or 3D models to the world they are observed
•  Taking advantage of Mixed Reality features, allowing technicians to move and manipulate 3D objects, visualizing them in the surrounding space
•  Offering a precision FSM, the opportunity of working in a hyper-connected environment, capable of reading and interpreting vast amounts of data and contexts in real-time, making predictive decisions for ensuring 100% Uptime

Impact & KPIs
•  Expediting the execution of operations
•  Enhancing virtual collaboration features
•  Improving safety conditions
•  Simplifying the access to the Knowledge Repository

Watch the video and discover the full potential of the Augmented Collaboration on HoloLens2 feature

Collaboration on IP Cam

The challenge
Some maintenance activities, such as Factory Acceptance Test, quality controls, and inspections require a mid or long-term to monitor and control assets, managing multiple tests before validating the quality of assets in order to ensure the highest standard of reliability.

The solution
OverIT provides organizations with the next-gen of quality inspections and tests, improving efficiency and enhancing even more remote assistance functionalities. The IP Cam has advanced optics and sensors, which allow workers to:
•  Visualize assets from multiple points of view during inspections and quality assurance tests. In this way, organizations can reduce unnecessary travel, saving times and costs
•  Fully remotely manage the positioning of the camera, through the motorized movement
•  Use the optical zoom up to 20x without loss of quality, monitoring the ongoing situation
•  Connect guests 24 hours a day to check the progress of the activity, increasing transparency and access

Impact & KPIs
•  Enhancing the execution of quality assurance tests
•  Increasing the field service efficiency
•  Reducing the inspection times
•  Improving the level of quality

IP cam OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform

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