Advanced crew management 2

Advanced crew management!

Manage your crews with agility, precision, and unparalleled efficiency.

Empowering customers with a wide range of FSM features and seamless integrations

Our FSM solution is a comprehensive product for all your Field Service Management needs. With advanced features and seamless integration with CRM, ERP, Asset Management, GIS, and IoT, the product offers core modules for customer service, asset maintenance, scheduling, dispatch, and mobile empowerment.


Empowering field workers with the right data

Technicians love our mobile app. It’s intuitive, works offline, and unifies multiple apps on one screen.

Our mobile app provides the best experience while debriefing work orders, collecting dynamic forms, capturing, and marking up multimedia, all with embedded GIS and map layers. Over 200,000 technicians trust the app daily to complete their work.

Reduce First-Time Fix Rate
  • Access job requirements prior to getting onsite
  • View the right data in front of the right asset
  • Get remote expert assistance in real-time
Optimize Productivity On The Go
  • Built-in GIS mobile app
  • Access and collect data on low connection or offline
  • Harvest and access just-in-time knowledge
Improve Experience on a Single Pane of Glass
  • Easy to fill out forms
  • Easy to debrief on work orders
  • No back and forth between apps

AI-Driven Scheduling & Smart Dispatching

Optimize resources and reduce carbon footprint with smart routing.

Our scheduling algorithm drives productivity by using machine learning with configurable business rules.

  • Scheduling optimization
  • Customer-centric appointment booking
  • Intelligent predictive job duration and required parts
  • Dynamic crew matching
  • Geospatial execution

Innovative Field Collaboration

Powering field service teams with knowledge to get it right the first time.

To address the talent shortage problem that predicts that 50-40% of the workforce in utilities and telcos will retire in the next decade, we built technology solutions that help upskilling your workforce.

  • Ensure safety and enable voice debriefing with hands-free devices
  • Empower technicians with 3D GIS in Augmented Reality
  • Facilitate access to expert assistance from anywhere
  • Accelerate knowledge transfer and training

Intelligent Asset Maintenance

Empower your field service operations with all the linear asset data you need.

Aging assets coupled with the explosion of renewable assets have added complexity to a core part of all linear assets businesses.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • IoT Driven
  • Install Base & SLAs
  • BIM Visualization
  • Out of the box integration with leading Enterprise Asset Management
Leading digital partner for mission-critical operations on linear assets

100% Successful Implementations

We proudly maintain a 0% customer churn since 2019 with 4.9/5.0 Gartner rating

Enterprise Scale Deployments

Our largest utility customer deployment has over 20,000 users

21 Years of Industry Experience

We have consistently built the best FSM software solutions for utilities, telcos, transportation, and oil & gas companies

100% Reliable Coverage

We meet and exceed common utilities functional requirements without the need for 3rd party applications

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Our technology has transformed global businesses

“Reduced troubleshooting time (48% calls solved in less than 2 minutes) through innovative collaboration calls and augmented reality capabilities”


“Reduced maintenance costs by 75% following the adoption of a standardized solution and managing field operators through a user-friendly mobile application”


“Reduced travel costs by 30% and improved first-time-fix rate by 25% by optimizing work orders for 4,000 field technicians”


“Improved productivity by 90% by streamlining work order scheduling in power plants”