Challenges, Solutions, and The Role of Future-Facing Technology

The State of Safety in Field Service Management

What’s stalling worker safety? Lack of situational awareness, Incomplete or Inaccessible Asset Information, Skill Scarcity and Digital Transformation are some of the challenges in the industry today.

Preventative And Corrective Safety: A Two-Pronged Approach
Learn how some of the biggest utilities and oil & gas companies are implementing applied solutions to cultivate a culture of safety-first.

  1. Safety Checklists, Forms, and Alerts
  2. Hands-Free Devices
  3. Virtual Reality (VR) Training
  4. Enabling 3D GIS Terrain Data
  5. Digital Work Instructions

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About the authors
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Devin Landes
Solution Engineering Americas, OverIT
Devin Landes is a solution engineer in the Field Service Management space; starting her career at Oracle, she has spent her time in the solution engineering space working with large enterprise FSM companies. Her focus has been on understanding the people and processes of each organization to work hand in hand with Field Service organizations in industries such as utilities, energy, manufacturing, and telecommunications to help them achieve the Field Service-led Digital Transformation Journey.
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George Sims
Sr. Director, Product Management Strategy, RealWear
George Sims is an innovative technology leader with a proven track record of driving technology adoption across diverse domains. Currently serving as the Senior Director of Product Management Strategy at RealWear, Inc., George excels in comprehending market dynamics, forging technology partnerships, and understanding customer needs to architect impactful solutions. Fuelled by an academic foundation in Audio Technology and Innovation, coupled with hands-on experience, he stands as a catalyst for innovation and thought leadership at the nexus of technology and business.